New suit

A clown went into a tailors and ordered a new suit.
Pink body, One sleeve purple, the other orange. Yellow and red spotted waistcoat and trousers with on leg blue and green stripes and the other leg White and black check.

The Circus left town before the suit was finished so the tailor was stuck with it. They tried to sell it at a reduced price, but no luck.

It was put into the store room for several years only being taken out for the annual sales.

At the next annual sale the suit was found to be missing. They looked for it everywhere and asked all the staff if they had seen it. The youngest member of staff piped up the he had sold it.

The Boss was astonished - "Tell me about this miraculous sale"
"Well" Said the lad, " A guy came in for an off-the-peg suit but none in the showroom fitted him. Then I remembered the store room. He tried on all the suits up there till he found one that fitted, so I sold it to him. It was the multi-coloured job.... did I do wrong?"

"No" said the Boss, "You did magnificently. What did the purchaser say about the colours?

"Nothing" said the youngster, "But his guide dog howled a bit!"
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