New Sub Forum "Waltenkommando"


You can now post all your most wanted walter mitty type candidates here: Waltenkommando

Forum - The Badger's ARRSE - Waltenkommando

Leaves more space for the rest of us to abuse one another on the other forums.

Thanks for the prompt action Bad CO!
Can't wait for the flood of ACF spastics to tell us that they saw a 90 year old wearing a VC and he must be a walt because there's no way someone that old can deploy on ops and there's not even a regiment called the Gloucestershire Regiment anyway.
Can you make it a secret hidden forum only accessible to you fucking sad cunts and save the rest of us bleeding eyes.


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Can I be a MOD? Of the recruitment forum...........please?!

What is it like to be first subject of the forum? Awesome innit?
Why draw attention to them? Isn't this what they want? It's an age old thing. There were probably blokes in the pub at Dover banging on about being 2nd Archer through the window at the Siege of Calais.

I remember clearly when I was in Otto Skorzney's mob we never bothered about trivia like this. We were more bothered about how we were going to get the Duce's arse through the Storch door. We'd never have tried to pass ourselves off as crap hat Waffen SS, Fallschirmjager or Heer
Thank fuck for that...Is it possible to block a forum like that making someone invisible thingamebobby

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