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I have spent years wasting my time buying new cars and feeling good. What a load of bollocks. We need to get the community thinking about becoming home owners. I have just started and have a few tips to share. Can we have a seperate section for all things house buying?
Barratt homes do £500 off every £25,000 or part thereof of the value of the home if you show them your military ID.
I would sugest an independant mortgage advisor. I was living in Aldershot and looking to buy a house in Scotland. Before I started looking I had arranged a mortgage 'in principle' which put me in a good bargaining position. When I found the ight house it took approx 5 weeks from putting n offer in to getting the keys. Almost a hastle-free experience.


Bit confused now....

I thought this was the ideas chatroom, hence I posted an idea. Is it normal for the MODS to ignore the posts here or has the novelty worn off Arrse and you just cant be arrsed?

Next time I just wont bother.....
now now!

No the novelty hasn't worn off, I'm sure it is a decent idea but the Admins have enough on their plate solving all the bugs that creep in so this part of the site has become more of a tech then suggestions area over time.

Can I suggest you post this idea in the finances area for forces sweetheart to have a look at.

She is the expert on this sort of thing but in my view the danger with putting advice about something as serious as buying a house on an anonymous internet chat site is that you have no control over the quality of the responses.

I would suggest the best and only real advice to give anyone thinking of buying a house is to seek the services of a reputeable independent financial advisor.
Sorry, I missed this one for some reason. I'll run it past FS and she can decide.

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