New Style Uniforms

Has anyone out there heard anything concrete about the new working dress uniforms on trial?

I've heard from two members of the Army Presentation Team (one Capt, one Cpl), Sandhurst who wear it, that it will be in service early next year!

It will be similar in style to the RAF outfit ie. trousers, shirt and tie with jacket. Once in work the jacket will be hung up. It is made of a material similar in colour and type to No.2 dress uniform, though considerably lighter in weight.

This uniform is meant to be non-discriminating to capbadge / trade ie. everyone from pte upwards, gun bunnie to office wallah will be wearing it.

I'm sure that those working in the vehicle park will love it!

I'm sure that none of the Clothing Storemen out there are aware of this.

Finally, this isnt a wind up! They were serious when they talked about it.
those beings high above us in the ivory towers will try and sell 'lighter in weight' as: reduction in weight, quicker drying, more comfortable to wear.

Us mortals know that 'lighter in weight' means: worn out in five minutes, faded and tatty after 2 washes, splits at the seams when tried on for size in the clothing store.


Can you get any thinner materials than that used on CS95? Cheesecloth perhaps.....nice in the summer I suppose.


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Probably be great for poncing around an office all day, pulling on your jacket only to walk across early to scoff (ensuring you get to the front of the queue).

Not so great for washing wagons, humping stores, any training or anything else.

Is the current stuff really that bad? It's comfortable enough, as opposed to barrack dress trews and a JHW, it's reasonably hard wearing, doesn't look dirty when it gets the merest smidge of dirt on it, like the old lightweights. It has a use elsewhere than in barracks and so isn't an 'extra' expense. So apart from not being able to tell a CO from a Private at more than two yards, what's wrong with it?

Answers on a Postcard to: Those in charge of constantly reinventing the wheel at the public's expense and who will coincidentally be the shiny arrses wearing the stuff and thinking they've done a good job, The MOD, Whitehall. London.

Still at least the Para's will look nice and smart now they'll be doing a lot more walking.....


It was explained to us as the new standard service dress/No.2 dress for all ranks and would be tailored for all individuals, meaning that officers would no longer have to purchase their own service dress from a soon to be reduced allowance (makes sense, now mine's useless!!! idiots). They've been trialling the trousers in some of the platoons at Sandhurst and personally I think they look very untidy. They look unironed from a distance, the colour is crap and aside from use by desk jockeys what good is it going to be? CS95 is fine for what it is, I believe it's not to expensive, is still useful in the field and the end of the matter is we are soldiers not civvies, wearing camo is part of the job!


But if you make Offrs wear the same uniform we won't be able to tell them apart? they'll have to develop personalities :)


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What? Wear the same pattern uniform as the enlisted scum? Ye Gods! Monty would turn in his grave!


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jonny956 said:
What? Wear the same pattern uniform as the enlisted scum? Ye Gods! Monty would turn in his grave!

Now you see it's comments like that that make you so popular I'm guessing.

Never mind his coffee, where's his office, I need a Richard III....

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