New style respirator


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New style Resi

Speaks for itself. A must for ACF instructors and bellends who have lost thiers.

I can accept PM bids on this if you don't want to ID yourself.

Auction ends Dec 11th 1900 hrs and delivered in time for yuletide incase its a gift for an airsofter or pervert.




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£1 and I expect some change ..........
I have a packet of Asda cookies sat here that I don't want right now, trade them for it?
£15 on account that I want to turn it into a beer bong for our Christmas do at the horse next week

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£17 my mrs is alway moaning about the obnoxious wind created by four teens and myself.
I would love to see her face when she opens it on Christmas morning

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I bet it looks great with a black-painted German helmet and a cape.


£25 my two labramomgs farts even beat mine!

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I honestly thought this was a wind up! it looks like Darth Vader's facemask!!!!!!!
There's a shortage of these. Is this nicked?!

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What? That individually serial numbered item?
Which, if not signed for, must have fell off the back of a Bedford?


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I hope it has canisters, or else it's a suffocation device...
Not if you know what you're doing.

I have t question the legality of this items sale though.


Have you never dressed up as a sith lord, welding a lightsaber ?

With Ebay selling all types of kit to whoever bids highest

A Mk7 was auctioned last year or year, before no furore then.


There are currently 1 metric fucktons of these on ebay, I wouldn't worry about it.

Perhaps there isn't a shortage and it's just that your life isn't valued enough for you to be issued one. Just saying like.

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