New Style Pro Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by benjiboy, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Im sorry if this has been asked before.

    I have been looking into getting a pair for a while. I found a pair on ebay like these:


    I'm size 10m in a CAB's. The seller said I should get a pair in 11m but didn't have any. Is this correct about pro boots? Are these any good compared to the old style? Does anyone know where I can get a pair from at a reasonable price?


  2. load of shite mate,
    my company had them issued for FIRIC and although I didnt go, once I started wearing them in Germany around camp and one exercise the eyelets started falling off.
    The lads who wear them in the falklands wre even worse, stick to the old pro boots if you can get your mitts on them
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Saw a brand new pair at a car boot sale the other day, thought they looked a bit cheap and nasty compared to my Lowa's. Didn't realise what they were so I didn't buy them. The bird on the stall was obviously selling them for her old man, she only wanted a tenner.
  4. Are these the old style ones?


    What about the sizing thing. Was the seller correct in what he said?
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Those are the old ones. Really good IMO. I had a pair in the same size as my normal issue boots until someone decided to relieve me of them. Fitted fine. No dramas with sizing etc.
  6. Are they the same weight as CAB's or lighter?

    I get really cold feet most of the time when in my CAB's hence thinking of getting some pro boots.

  7. I have been wearing the new style for a 3 years and have had no problems. They keep your feet really warm. They are much heavier than CAB and take a long time to wear in as the stuff they are made from is really solid, they sit slightly higher up your leg too. However since I have invested in some Lowa boots there really is no going back.
  8. Thanks for ur input. What Lowa's did u invest in/
  9. They are the Lowa moutain boots, I chose them because the sit a little lower down the calf. Altbergs are also a good investment.
  10. That image didn't work. Did you have problems with sizing? ie get a bigger size than ur CAB's?
  11. I'd go with Dolly on this. i've got a pair of the old style pro-boot and a pair of the new ones. I'd go for old ones everytime!!!!! They are much comfier especially if you have to run anywhere. That said, i do occasionally use the new ones when on the range. My new pair are not damaged in any way and work fine. They are warm but as dolly said, they are 'high' up on the calf which can be uncomfortable. If you're buying them and not getting issued kit, then buy the old style.
  12. Definitely Lowa... Best Boots out there!

    I did think the Pro Boots were really good though and never had probs with the eyelets?! 8O
  13. Any advise on sizing for pro boots? Do you need to get bigger size due to them being lined etc?
  14. get normal sizing, they only say get bigger because like I said earlier they take so long to wear in and stretch out. My first pair were one size larger than my norm and by the time they were worn in I just couldn't get them snug to my feet and ended up with blisters, so I got a new pair from stores that were my normal size, they were a bit tight to begin with but once worn in they were like walking on sponges!
  15. Agree. Mine were exactly the same.

    They do take ages to dry when wet inside though; come really bad weather I switch to my Lowa supercamps, which dry on your feet.

    Get some shock-absorbing insoles, though. Not necessarily the hyper-expensive sorbothane ones, but something, because the sole is not much better than the CAB, and if you run you're likely to get pressure blisters under your heels.