New style pro boots

Does anybody know of anywhere that I can get hold of the new style pro boots. The ones with the loops on the outside (Lowa type boots)?

And if anybody has these boots how do you rate them

Dodgy-Engr said:
Before spending your hard earned cash!!! A couple of the lads and one of the PSIs at my unit have these boots and give them the thumbs up, however the D-rings have a tendancy to fall off

How about these???
Yea have looked at these aswell, its going either be the new pro boots or the altberg defender

They only have the old style.

Cheers anyway mate
Check your PM's mate , i may be able to furnish you with a pair . However i must admit , i cannot stand them , they come up your leg to far and becuase they are issue they are ''cheap'' oh the D-rings come off (as already stated ) . Lowas are the best .
Im off on a four month bender to the Falklands and am supposed to be getting these issued, about bloody time the army delves into the coffers and gets some decent footwear on board. Most of the guys i work with won't touch
"Pussers Issue" boots, instead they fork out a small fortune on Lowas, Matterhorn, Danner, Scarpa boots etc....... :twisted:
Saying that got my Lowas for £20...In the know....Shhhhhhh... :lol:

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