New Style Drill Inst course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by al_5780, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. can anyone give me heads up prior to going on course in catterick
  2. Make sure you know your drill.
  3. i have advice for the old pirbright course but i am asking for any news on the catterick one as rumours are good but useless
  4. Take plenty of money.
  5. And a sense of humour
  6. what about inspection tips?
    polaroid camera etc?
  7. Inspection tips....

    Make sure your room is gleaming and you are as smart as a smart thing on national smart day.

    Polaroid camera....

    Nah, don't worry they'll get a professional photographer to take the course photy.
  8. i was on about when the say show....... i can take a picture to guardroom rather than the actual failing, offending item
  9. To be honest mate, the fact that this course is "new" means that noone here will know what to expect.

    I didn't even know there was a "new" course.

    My advise would be, prepare for the "old" course.

    I mean...

    How much can you actually modify a drill course? It's not like we are always modifing our foot drill is it?

    To be fair, why ask about a polaroid if you know why you need it, so thus know if you need it or not?
  10. Ain't seen any one at the Gd Room from the Drill Cse. But its quite amusing watching from the side lines. Tee Hee.
    They always seen to be goin out on the lash.
  11. Has the Drill Manual (the bible of the drill square) changed ?


    Then the course will probably have the same content, but just based in a different location, and the rumour mill will be working overtime.

    Watch this way, and I will demonstrate to YOU, the correct manouvre to be carried out on receipt of the word of command...
    it aint rocket science
  12. Get used to drinking port - and buying it!
  13. Get your maths up to date, yuo must be able to do wah....tup trey.
  14. Think they don't know about the camera trick,pull that one and be prepared to be visited at night by dark mischevious b*stards.Drink lots of port sh*g lots of loose women and go back to your Reg a totally dif soldat.Life will never be the same,you have been assimilated.Always spit when you say Grenadier (spit)Guard,I still don't know why.
  15. cracking support cheers