New Stryker vehicle launched - Spam Overkill?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by batus_survivor, May 23, 2006.

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    Good news, presumably.

    Stryker wheeled APC with a turret mounted 105mm, a mounted 7.62 MG, and a 50 cal for the commander. Designed as a
    Again, all good news.

    The accusation of overkill?

    Entire area? Entire building and every civvie hiding in it?

    You decide...
  2. The vehicle is long overdue to enter service. They're using TOW missiles for the job right now.

    Well, just the floor will do. I've used 120mm to return fire into buildings.

    However: Bear in mind that the Strykers aren't being bought just to fight in Iraq, the units are still designed to be able to undertake full-scale, high intensity conventional warfighting operations. In such cases, then a little bit of 105mm HE love really wouldn't be out of place, and if there's any case where you really want to use overkill to be sure of killing a target, a sniper is such a case.

  3. Good start point for direct fire FRES?
  4. Ok, it's a fair one, and I was being a little fecetious I know. It was just the guy's understatement.
  5. Imagine the newspapers if We'd rolled that out in West Belfast for counter sniper work

  6. I read a report of a conference where the Brig, Gen. of one of the Stryker BCTs was enthusing about his new toys next to the commander of a traditional 'heavy' brigade. The Stryker general claimed his new brigade could take on the 'heavy' brigade, and the 'heavy' general somewhat condescendingly invited him to try :twisted:
  7. Very much overkill, I dont see that winning to many hearts and minds.
  8. I wouldn't go that far. If an SBCT could easily take on a conventional brigade, there'd be a movement to replace all the tank and Bradley units. Nobody's seriously making that claim.

  9. What is the purpose of the ramp in the picture?

  10. Im sure the finer points of weight classes will be in the forefront of all the Reuters news agencies mind's when this "infantry support vehicle" rolls into Ramadi.

    I think the Ramp stops the Stryker scudding off down the battlefield every time it fires - and makes a clever pun with the otherwise irrelevant title of the article!
    Has anyone got the photographs of the stryker that rolled when it fired its main armament with the turret facing perpendicular to the length of the vehicle. I hope they get that sorted before this thing rolls out.
  11. Is it so the vehicle can engage ground level targets closer than a couple of miles away ? How close can if fire with the gun slung that low, that far back ?
  12. I thought the general view of the stryker was that it was (phrase of the day) inadequate to task being a bit heavy thing with fairy-like delicate internals? Although it's supposedly offers more protection than a hummer.

    With this in mind it surprises me the spams are rolling out new versions.
  13. Chalky, that was very much the vioew of the armchair pundits but I've yet to see a bad review from the troops who actually use it. One of them had a long-running blog about his experiences with a Stryker BCT in Iraq, I'll see if I can find it.
  14. use a few of these and I can't see there being many hearts and minds left to win.
  15. hmm, be an interesting little urban fire support weapon - expecially if combined with a 105mm Thermobaric round??? :twisted: