New STRYKER mobile gun platform

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dogmonkey, May 23, 2006.

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  1. It's crewed by tankers in the US. (It's actually not really an unveilling, by the way, they've had prototypes undergoind testing for about the last five years)

    Fills a greatly needed spot. Sometimes you just need a little more bang than a 40mm grenade launcher will provide.

  2. Are the crews fully integrated into the Inf TF / Cbt team, or are they task-org'd as and when?

    As for the extra bang, no Infantryman is going to turn that down, especially if guns cannot be guaranteed. Seem to recall that we thought that assault guns were pretty handy in the last really big scrap last century.....
  3. Are we getting Stryker ???
  4. Not in any plan to, although we seem to be having some difficulty in designing FRES.....
  5. I think you'll find we are following the 432 upgrade programme - we will be getting an upgraded version of the Abbott with a Ford Capri engine - complete with a refurbished Wombat in a Saracen turret! 8)
  6. I heard they scrapped that and decided to go for a ferret MK1 (cheaper tyres cos their smaller) mounting a gat gun and a large sack of King Eddies!
  7. Last I checked, there was going to be a light platoon of 3 MGS vehicles to each rifle company, so 12 per infantry battalion. I guess they could be split one per platoon, or kept together, depending on the company/Team commander's preference at the time.

  8. That looks useful. Would that even remove the need for our l118s or is the stryker not air portable?

    Have to admit when I saw the strykers at Fort Lewis in summer 2004 I wasn't too impressed with what they could do, but the upgrades and using the platform like that does seem to vindicate their choice.
  9. From here:

    I've never seen one fly in a C-130 - way past my time, maybe some of the RAF lads who look in here can confirm.
  10. I thought the concensus was that the basic stryker was air portable. But the Styker presently in use in Iraq - with "armor," cages, plates, and associated gubbins, including fuel, is too heavy for airlift.

    (handy for rapid deployment provided you dont get deployed quickly to somehere with angry people, or a forward section of fitters to bolt on your protection!)
  11. That's about the gist of it.

  12. Don't joke. Check this lash-up out, used by SA 44 Parachute Bde in the 80s
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Both the Ferrets and the Jakkals (with loaded trailer) were part of 44's heavy drop using cardboard wedges.
    A very welcome firepower and mobility att, especially as the Jakkals mounted twin M2's

    [​IMG] Jakkals & trailer.
  14. It's a nice idea but the execution is - to my eyes at least - unnecessarily complex. Just as the Stryker seems to be winner of a competition to build the world's most expensive BTR-80 this seems to be the world's most expensive armoured car. Only not as capable as something like the Rooikat, for instance.

    The cheapest way to get a 105mm gun mobile would be something that looked like a WW2 STuG or SU - no turret, low profile. Use modern powerplants and rubber tracks and it should work quite nicely. Ot look at the Russian Sprut-S, a 125mm gun on an air-droppable chassis.