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For those of you relatively new to the site, we used to have a long running "Lady Thread" for those admirers of the female form... It went through 3 iterations in total because people couldn't seem to understand that despite its name, ARRSE is not a porn site.

It relies on revenue generated from advertising. And those sites will not advertise on this site if it is associated with the type of material you wouldn't want your mums and wives to see.

To that end, rather than keep reminding members not to post gash shots, gaping anuses and whatever else you think is "funny" or "edgy", this Sticky is here to serve as a reminder and a warning.

Points will be awarded for infractions. For those repeat offenders, permanent bans since plain English and reasonable requests seem to fall on deaf ears.

Oh and the same goes for cocks too.
Not open for further replies.

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