New Statesman launches "Land Reform" campaign

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Nov 22, 2004.

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    Reads rather like something from the Soviet Union (Destroy the Kulaks!), or Zanu-PF... 8O

    So, are these idiots desperately trying to stoke up a Town vs Country class war? I remember back in 1996 being told by someone that we're due a civil war, and that it will be town vs country. I didn't believe him at the time, but I am starting to think that he was being rather astute.

    Every day I read more that depresses me about the state of the UK, and I grow more & more glad that I left. As for my personal land holdings, I own 82 square metres of Dutch sand. That makes me a significant landowner in these parts!!! 8)
  2. well if there is a war coming i know which side i will be on (i think i may have to go and dust off my wellingtons and barbour wax jacket ;) )

    agent smith
  3. % of population living in urban areas compared to rural?

    Shotguns and lots of large dogs versus Tech 9's/Glocks/AKs?

    I fear we'll be on the losing side.
  4. bunch of w*nkers!

    mind you, The New Statesman, the people who argued against going to war with Hitler, the people who defended Stalin and the other Communist Dictatorships during the Cold War.

    On the page that they advertise their new campaign, they have a link to Amazon. Top book being advertised "The Communist Manifesto".

    No change there then.

    Well my response to their little survey, hope they publish it!!

    I signed it John Bull!
  5. It seems that ever since the foxhunting bill was forced through with no lubrication, all the loony lefties have come out in force with their old-school politics-of-envy crap. Every day I'm reading more & more of it. They now know that they have an Old Labour government on side, who are more likely to follow this sort of thing through than laugh it into where it belongs.

    But, as with all moonbat policies, the Theory of Unintended Consequences applies: in trying to tax these few large aristocratic land-owners into selling up their moorland, they will deliver the final blow to British agriculture by making British farmers' lives financially unviable. They will then sell off all their land to developers for a pittance, who will build identikit housing estates all over the place. The MDs of these developers will then be practically printing money & will be able to retire to the Carribean...

  6. But only after putting nice hefty donations into the Labour coffers! :evil:
  7. Well, it looks like the Scottish Land Reform Act 2003 had already started what the New Statesman wants to continue:

  8. Article from today's Scottish edition of The Sunday Times by the excellent Allan Massie (national treasure that he is). (Copied in full because no direct link possible.)

    Almost incredibly, this story involves the use of Lottery and taxpayer's money to compulsorily purchase an estate against the landowner's wishes, enabling the crofters to get the benefit of a future windfarm paying a rent of £1million a year.

    Massie also makes the point that unlike any other compulsory purchase (for purposes of road building, defence or whatever) there is absolutely no need under this legislation to show public benefit. The purchase will, in fact, be for the private profit of the crofters, at the expense of the public purse and the present landowner.

    Yes I know, it's our fault in Scotland for voting in these people, I only pass it on as an awful warning to the rest of you.


  9. Personally, I've become what I used to joke of being: a Scottish absentee landlord in Ireland. Hell of a lot cheaper than Surrey, I can tell you (although I'd rather be somewhere in Africa).
  10. Maybe the Clans can all come home now. Those who were thrown off that same land in the 18th and 19th centuries. Ahh! That's just the nationalist in me thinking out loud!
  11. What the f*ck would they want to go to Lewis for! 8O
  12. How long before the crofters sell up and move to the mainland with the profit?
    Give it a few years and the island will have been sold piecemeal to a Japanese or US property/insurance company.

    Nothing new there then.
  13. War of country vrs town presuposes that a majority of town dewellers actually care about the countryside issuses to any great degree.
  14. If they don't care why don't they feck off and mind their own business then? They can take their sodding politicians with them and the bloody Ramblers Association as well. :evil:

    Oh, and the RSPCA while I'm thinking about meddling idiots.
  15. Because there's nothing half as much fun as interfering in other peoples' lives when you're not going to feel the effects of your actions.

    It's like a computer game to them - and when they've finished playing they can sit back sanctimoniously rubbing their hands in the self-deluding belief that they've made the world a fairer place :roll: