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I am intrested in joining the army and being a ARTILLERY LOGISTICS SPECIALIST, I'm 28 I stay fit by lifting weights and running for fun, but as I am 28 would this be a big disadvantage joining so late on ( in army years), I'm prepared for the financial side as it would be dropping around 20k a year but it's not about the money it's about doing what you enjoy.

What skills would you come out of this trade with? I mean for civilian jobs in the future.

Does anyone work in logistics that could help me with any information I might need before joining up,
I won't be joining up till after October as I am getting married then and need a shed load of money to keep the Mrs happy before I bugger off.

Where would I be based (training), and how often would I get time off so I could travel home to see my Mrs, I'm lucky as she has a military background so understands exactly what to expect.
This is actually an RA role than RLC and is essentially a slightly better trained ech soldier than you would find in a cbt ech. I'm certain these guys will get C+E and Hazmat in packs as basic role training.

The comparative RLC trade is Driver.
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