New Star Trek Film - Any Good ?

Anyone seen the new Star Trek film ? Debating whether to watch it this weekend and wondered in any Arrsers had seen it and have a recommendation ?


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I'm trying to convince Mrs G_S_B that, seeing as she's going out with the girlies tomorrow night then it'd be a good idea if we went to see Star Trek tonight. On IMAX

If I succeed, I'll let you know

If I don't....has anyone got a clawhammer I can borrow?
Just watched an item on BBC 24 about the new film.

Looks good.

Simon Pegg as "Scottie" - inspired choice!! :D
:D Took my good lady to watch it last night and although she hates scifi she loved it. i was a bit embarrassed at how much i was enjoying the film 8O .

well worth going to see.
if you are like me and do not like to watch trailers for films you want to see then there was the trailer for the new transformers film........sounds good :p
Mrs G_S_B decied that 'we' wanted to watche Bones instead
Saw it last night. Went in expecting little, and thought it was brilliant. Don't say it often, but it was worth the ever engorged cinema ticket price. Might even go see it again...
I watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. A great prequel, and if you have watched the original series, I am old enough to have seen it the first time round, there is a lot of things that relate. It starts off at 100MPH and keeps going. Enjoy.
Seeing it on IMAX later today.

Don't judge me.
I managed to bluff the wife that it was would be a treat for the kids for their birthday to watch it last night rather than on opening weekend when it was bound to be packed. Unbelievably she agreed. I really enjoyed it - the next one should be even better now that the character introduction is out of the way.
Surprisingly good. Not a dull moment from the start. This gives the franchise a fresh set of actors to carry on. A lot of fun.
[quote="ogrimark]i was a bit embarrassed at how much i was enjoying the film[/quote]

That makes two of us. Just seen it with my other half and we both enjoyed it
I was somewhat dismayed by how much the transporters were affected by narrativium and the unnecessarily loud music at points, but otherwise it was pretty good.
I took my 9yr old last night and we both thought it was the best one yet. Scraping the pervious time line was a great idea so that any future movies can include just about anything thay want. I've promised to take him back next weekend and I'm actually looking forward to it.
Watched it yesterday and thought it was excellent.
Saw it on IMAX on Friday night. Cracking stuff. Always been bit of a Trek fan anyway but this was well filmed, excellent fx and a good story too

Altho I did get a bit pissed off at 'comedy' Scotty
Great film- well paced, action balanced with plot/character development, more emotional intensity than many films you see, and some genuinely funny moments.

Just a bit frustrated that it seems to finish so soon. You get to the end and want more because you're enjoying it so much!
It's pretty damned good! The actors were perfectly cast, the star of the show was definitely Sylar, whoops Zachary Quinto, as Spock and even Simon Pegg's Scottish accent was bearable. Admittedly the plot was a bit hokey and it could have been a bit meatier but all-in-all a worthy reboot and i'm looking forward to the sequels already.

Gotta mention the skydiving sequence which was exhilarating, especially in IMAX and I loved the constant bleeping-in-the-background sound effect, very retro and very cool!

4/5 from me and I can see why JJ Abrams is being heralded as the new Spielberg.

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