New speeds limits for vans

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by happybonzo, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Good. All van drivers are *****.
  2. Why do so many Articulated HGVs appear to ignore that speed limit on the A1 and the A64 then?
  3. What about that is new? Caravans/trailors have always been limited to 60 - its just that they have felt free to ignore the rule because speed cameras dont know that you have a trailor attached.
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  4. I'm more surprised dual-carriageway limit is 70; always thought it was 60, woo hoo!!!
  5. I agree, this is not news, this has always been the case.

    Last year I got caught speeding and offered the awareness course instead of the points and fine, on the course I was amazed how many people didn't know the speed limits, especially the few professional van drivers on the course who where shocked by how many they didn't know.
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  6. Seems the OP might be one of those who didn't know as well.
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  7. This thread goes a long way to explaining some of the bad driving habits I see daily. Excessively slow drivers on fast roads are almost as much of a hazard as excessively fast drivers on slow roads.

    Quite how someone holds a valid driving licence without knowing the speed limits applicable to that class of vehicle is a mystery to me. I can understand it for very ancient drivers who took a test before the two part test came in (and perhaps that is enough reason for re-testing every so often) but I cant see how anyone who has taken a multi-part test recently can be unaware of something that fundamental.
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  8. Time for a requirement to have such information placarded in the cab where the driver has no excuse but to see them.
  9. I'd say most people would prefer a van to be doing 60 on a national speed limit single lane carriageway. It's luck of the draw if you get pulled for it. Generally if you are going with the pace of traffic on a motorway you are going to be OK unless someone didn't have sex the previous night.
  10. Vampire, I am inclined to agree. On single carriageway roads, a common speed limit for all vehicles would mean less congestion, delays and, most importantly for safety, overtaking.

    But that is not what the law says and the different speed limits applicable are a very clear argument against policing by speed camera.
  11. Cloudbuster, a placard in the cab is a good idea but should not be neccessary. Professional drivers and HGV drivers in particular have no excuse for not knowing the relevant speed limits.
  12. You mean it's not 90!?!
  13. That's the lowest limit for bikers ;-)
  14. I was aware of the limits for the vehicle(s) I drive, but wasn't aware HGVs were limited to 40 in single carriageways, I always thought it was 60+. Do the Police ever enforce the 40 limit?