New Speeding Guidelines

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tremaine, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. "[Most police forces in England and Wales have adopted new speeding guidelines that allow motorists to do up to 86mph and avoid points on their licence.

    It means drivers can pay to do a speed awareness course instead, if caught at up to 10% above the limit plus 9mph.

    At a meeting of the Association of Chief Police Officers in January, it was announced that 37 out of 44 forces had signed up to the new system."] BBC News today.

    The new framework will allow speeding motorists to pay to complete a speed awareness course instead, if caught at up to 10% above the limit plus 9mph. The IAM are reported as "in favour". Some might say that more driver education is a good thing considering the muppets seen screaming past us with one hand down their flies. Fines and penalty points don't seem to work, so perhaps embarrassing dangeous Dave with an invitation to Idiot School, might ?
  2. used to be 10% of the speed limit and +/- 3mph, i was always led to believe.
  3. Lovely.
    Unfortunatley I got pinged at 85mph last year on the M74, as I had 9 points at the time I'm up before the Sheriff's Court next month and will likely get a 6 month ban for what is now accepted to be a minor bit of naughtyness

  4. Been on one of those, load of utter w*nk.

    Speed kills blah, blah, blah, You all think you're good drivers but you've had no speshul training like us so you're not, blah, blah, blah.
  5. No fear of ever getting caught with Mrs Netley in the car 'you're going too fast' 'watch out the cyclist' over 500m away...she goes 10mph slower than the NSL everywhere...
  6. 10% + 2 in this area,income generation.I'ts paying for the speed vans and cameras now,should just leave the flippin potholes in the road,slows me down.

    It is a rip off, you can only go on it once,after that it's points and fine.

    And before anyone kicks off about speed kills,it's not the speed it's the nut behind the wheel.
  7. where can you find out which area's it effects? Not that I have a lead foot or anything ;-)

  8. Their special training seems to consist of ploughing into pedestrians at high speed.
  9. ACPO = Money making scheme. Kerching!
  10. Speed Awareness Course - No Penalty Points and some locations on AADrive Tech site
    37 out of 44 forces are supposed to have signed up to the new system
  11. The reason for this scam is very simples.

    So many drivers are getting banned for minor speeding offences thanks to the insane proliferation of speed cameras , (ooops! sorry 'Safety Cameras', we have more speed cameras in the UK than every other country in Europe combined), they're rather cutting off the revenue stream. By giving you the option to go on one of the speed awareness b/s courses, they can 'fine' you, (the cost of the course), and keep you on the road longer.

    This has nothing to do with road safety and everything to do with maximising the financial take from motorists.
  12. From that I take it to be just motorways! Which means bugger!!

  13. "For course content information and a list of service providers nationwide, visit the Association of National Driver Improvement Scheme Providers website". If that's ANDISP | Welcome to the ANDISP Web Site then either I can't get the link to work here , or it doesn't exist.

    Edited * Oh and it's possibly run by the local Councils. Kent Police on their Web Site say their course costs £85. Anyone top that for cheek and Highway robbery?
  14. bet there are quite a few ACPO who are to be made redundant, as well as few of their own blokes springing up these driver aware courses around the country as a sure fire retirement fund.

    There speshul training is not all what they say it is, I know I have done it for prior to Op Fresco and No 2 job with felix.

    What is currently dangerous at the moment are the go slo drivers trying to save money on fuel hogging the inside and central lane. Foreign drivers are a menace also, including the latvian and polish pimps driving round our town,

    My opinion is that drivers are restricted by age on CC of the engine. Also I would like overcautios and slow drivers to be fined also.

    Caravan drivers to do advanced driver training, I had to do prior to driving a trailer. They should also be fined for holding up more than three cars in there mirror.

    As for beemers, for the sake of thirty quid can you fit indicator stalks behind the steering wheel as your projected mind reading does not work.

    As for horse boxes, they have got ******* legs use em...

    Also for the covert cop car following me from camp yes I did call the police to report a suspicious vehicle following me, and keeping me there for the best part of an hour trying to find any fault to fine me in retaliation was a waste of time wasnt it!!!!

    Also asking me in front of Missus A is she your wife? why did you have to looked shocked?
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  15. My mate was offered an AA speed course after being caught a few MPH over the limit in a built up area by the PSNI. The way he described it, you paid 60 quid for the course, no points on your license and your insurance doesn't get affected