New Speed Cameras puts more drivers in the frame!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 24, 2006.

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  1. An extract from the Time Newspaper. Can it get any worse with metal Dick Turpins of the roads!!

    DRIVERS who try to evade speeding penalties by claiming that someone else was at the wheel will be the target of a new camera that captures a clear image of the driver’s face, The Times has learnt.
    Police are investing in the new technology because of the growing problem of drivers “passing off” penalty points to relatives and friends in order to avoid an automatic six-month ban for accumulating twelve points within three years.

    A study last year estimated that more than 700,000 drivers had passed off points in the past decade. Police issued 1.9 million camera penalties in 2004 and there are currently 160,000 drivers with a strong incentive to pass off points because they have nine points on their licences, one offence away from a ban.

    The Times understands that the digital photographs taken by the new camera will be studied in any case that arouses suspicion, including when the registered keeper of a vehicle claims that a partner was driving or tries to blame someone who was visiting from overseas. In disputed cases investigators employed by police and local authority camera partnerships will visit people’s homes and show them the photographs.

    Drivers who have falsely given another person’s name will be told to reconsider or face prosecution for perverting the course of justice.

    The new forward-facing camera has been developed by Gatso, the biggest speed camera supplier, to work in conjunction with traditional rear-facing cameras. The flash of the first camera triggers the second, which takes a digital image of the front of the vehicle, using an infra-red filter to prevent the driver from being dazzled and to ensure clarity in darkness.

    The Essex speed camera partnership has had trials with ten of the cameras and used them to identity the driver in more than 1,000 cases in which the culprits were either trying to pass off points or claiming they did not know who was driving.
  2. They will end up driving around in Gorilla masks :D
  3. What happens in the case of identical twins? :roll:
  4. I betI won't be the only person here who has enjoyed looking at themselves on German traffic camera photographs. So - what is the difference between what has been going on there for years and this so-called new initiative?
  5. Thank God for crash helmets!
  6. Well im just gonna start wearing a comedy groucho marx glasses/bignose/tache combo mask while driving.
  7. Well im just gonna start wearing a comedy glasses/bignose/tache combo mask while driving.
  8. Haven't you heard? Under new laws soon to be announced, only one such sibling will be permitted to carry a driving license at any one time. Both (or in the case of identical triplets/quads - all parties) will be allowed to apply and qualify as drivers, but periods at the wheel will be alternated in order to avoid confusion should such an incident arise. This new measure will be introduced at the end of June - and has the added benefit of reducing road congestion
  9. Will tinted glass defeat these camera's..........
    If not then its a noddy mask for me. :D
  10. Tony Blair masks! Get your Tony Blair masks......

    Plod will buy that, after all he's a lying cnut!
  11. That's straight out of V for Vendetta...

    What a great idea! :twisted:
  12. Presumably, as the cameras become more advanced, they'll recognise your iris pattern, cross reference this with your ID card and bank details and CHING CHING - your account will be debited milliseconds after, and your penalty points total uprated millimetres beyond the actual scene of the crime. And if you're past 12 points, plod could be there waiting as you arrive home to confiscate your licence.
  13. Heard a long time ago that the reason for rear facing cameras (I know some forward ones already exist there is one on the M2) was due to the human rights act and data protection?

    Apparently whilst it is ok to photograph the driver as he/she is the alleged offender however any passengers would not have committed the offence and therefore was an invasion of their privacy.

    Personally I reckon its just another distraction from the road and will cause more accidents as drivers wonder what the fvck it is before crashing into someone in front!
  14. im glad i ride a bike, no front number plate and a lovely black visor! and if your doing a wheelie at the time the rear facing ones just get a photo of your rear seat! :D
  15. I bet Gordon's got wood just thinking about that! :D