New Special Forces Unit

Britain forms new special forces unit to fight al-Qaeda
By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
(Filed: 25/07/2004)

A new special forces regiment is being created to infiltrate Islamic terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

The Reconnaissance and Surveillance Regiment will work closely with the Special Air Service and the Special Boat Service. Its mission will be to penetrate groups, either directly or by "turning" terrorists into double agents.

It will be given the authority to operate around the world, working closely with friendly intelligence agencies such as the CIA and Mossad.

Security chiefs hope that the regiment, comprising up to 600 troops, will run a network of agents providing the West with accurate intelligence on potential terrorist operations, allowing attacks to be foiled. It will at first be formed from members of a highly secret surveillance agency - the Joint Communications Unit Northern Ireland - which has worked in Ulster for more than 20 years. The unit, which worked with the SAS, MI5 and the Special Branch, perfected the art of covert surveillance in urban and rural areas and created a network of double agents who supplied the British security forces with intelligence on terrorist attacks.

Its success stemmed from its ability to plant listening devices and cameras in the homes and cars of terrorists, to bug phones and to monitor suspects at close quarters.

Such was the secrecy surrounding the unit that few of its operations were made public. Members of the unit are, however, some of the most highly decorated men and women in the Services.

One of its successes was providing the information for the SAS operation in 1988 which led to the shooting dead of three IRA terrorists who were planning to attack British forces in Gibraltar. The unit also took part in an operation that thwarted an IRA plot to attack a police station at Loughgall, County Tyrone, in 1987. Eight IRA members were killed by the SAS in a carefully planned ambush.

Volunteers for the regiment, both male and female, will be taken from all three branches of the Armed Forces. Officers are keen to recruit those of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance, as well as Muslims and members of ethnic minorities.

Recruitment has begun and volunteers must pass an intensive six-month training course, learning covert surveillance, communications, driving skills and first aid as well as close-quarter battle skills, using a variety of weapons. Priority will be given to those able to infiltrate or blend in with Islamic terror groups, rather than, as with the SAS, their fitness or fighting capabilities.

One officer said: "The SAS's role is essentially to kill people. This new regiment's role is to provide the intelligence for the SAS to do that."

Those who pass - a 90 per cent failure rate is expected - will be sent on an Arabic course at the Armed Forces language school at Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

The unit will be commanded by a lieutenant colonel with a special forces background, although not necessarily a member of the SAS, and will be based in South Wales. He will report to the Director of Special Forces.

A senior officer associated with the formation of the new regiment said: "This unit will be used primarily for intelligence gathering. The work will be dangerous, as it was in Northern Ireland, and operators will be taught how to protect themselves. The threat from Irish terror groups is far less now and although we will keep a presence in Ulster, it is time to use this force on a worldwide basis."
So, you have to look like an arab then to join? Lawrence of Arabia would have been fcuked then!

Best start swotting up on those old Kohn Grisham and Tom Clancy novels I've been meaning to read.... looks as if the days of Sven Hassle as my trg material have passed.

The Cold War is officially over.
Just occurred to me.... which bits of Birmingham will these guys be posted to?

And you could commute from South Wales to Finsbury each day. :p

Concerns also have to be raised about certain peoples alliegances when recruiting for this unit?
It has bitten the Yanks in the arse in the past.........remember the grenade incident at a rangers (i think) camp during the last Gulf conflict?
The vast majority of Muslims are good people and would hate to be tarred with the same brush as 'extremists', do you tell??
It's a difficult one!! :?
All those with one eye and a hook for a hand........"Back on the four tonners!! :lol:
Well, I don't know if its discriminatory in so far as it undermines a class of HMs Subjects.... since it is well known that They are monitoring a number of locations/ facilities within the West and East Midlands and certain parts of London, to name but a few. There was an expose done on UK Islamic extremism (mainly Al Muhajiroun) by Radio 5 Live earlier this year (it was broadcast on a Sunday, I think it was called the Five Live Report, go to the webiste and you should be able to listen to it). It was grim listening. So, its happening there already.

As for "how can you tell?" A VERY GOOD question. Read Jason Burkes book "Inside Al Queida" for some answers to that one. I guarantee you will be alarmed and perplexed by your question.

But, on a more serious note, how the hell does Abu Hamza go for a shit???? :x
I don't think his sort bother wiping their arse anyway Kahoona.I did hear that radio programme you mentioned and it was a tad worrying.It would appear that we have "the enemy within",this is not intended as a racist remark.I am well aware that these radicals don't speak for the vast majority of Muslims in this country or anywhere else!Just the truth!!
The thing is.......How do you sort out the wheat from the chaff????
Answer...............YOU CAN'T...........It's unsafe to assume you can!!
Firey, I heard they were going to call you and ask you to recall your experiences with the Parachute Regiment in order that they may tap into your knowledge.

:D :D
Good point, you can't. Your dealing with Religion. And one that has been undermined by the Wahhabi slant of Islam.

Remember hearing about all those Arabs who went to Bosnia to defend the Bosnian muslims in the 1990's? They were all trained either in Saudi or the at places like Al Farooq on the Afghan/ Pakistani border. They were pumped up on Wahhabism and they got the shock of their life to meet the local Bosnian muslims who didn't agree with their slant on things. Bosnian Muslims drink and eat ham! That only annoyed them even more.

What we are dealing with here is an animal created by the Saudi's (their Islamic college's) which they have exported throughout the middle east and into places such as Indonesia and Afghanistan...... you need to keep impresonable young, typically male, muslims away from that sort of warped islam. And to begin with, the UK Authorities need to start vetting these (often) semi-literate Imans imported into the UK from the back of nowhere, who do not understand the western world.

But on a serious note, if Abu Hamza doesn't wipe his arse, he must have some impressive cling-ons down there. Must be like having conkers hanging from your hoop. No wonder he used to preach out in the street! :D
Letterwritingman said:
Was he Mortars then :wink:
No mate another Walt exposed 8O

Would have been at home in the mortars though :D
Well...iy was until MDN came along and jumped in with both his cynicaL FEET!!
And people wonder why the Government take us all for ********** and then wipe their feet on us!!!!
Wake up and smell the coffee MDN.!!!! :lol:
Yeah, MDN, smell the smooth aroma of that dry roasted Columbian blend, that sure makes getting up in the morning so much more easier.

Do-nuts and coffee........... need to get some and stuff my grid for a bit.

Hooky actually has someone that visits his jail cell to do just what is being asked. We, the taxpayers, are funding this.

PS Firey, stocks of the exclamation mark are running a tad low - any chance you can drop the rate?

Point taken........Typical,everyone seems to be short of everything these days. Bloody costcutting Government!! Shit..2 more gone. :lol:
I wonder how Hooky's arse administrator got into that job? (Pardon the pun!)

Wanted - Abu Hamza's Arse Administrator.

We are currently seeking a well-spoken, motivated and dynamic individual to wipe Abu Hamza's arse. The ideal candidate will have excellent inter-personnel skills, be fully committed to our Equal Opportunities Policy and promote a safe, tolerant working environment. Experience of wiping/ kissing arses would be a definate advantage however, for the right applicant, training will be provided.

The post will initially be 3-months, extending to 100 years if our Business Plan succeeds. In that event, international travel will be required and the candidate will be offered the opportunity of following Abus Hamza's (sorry) arse to the USA.

The Prison Service values its diverse workforce. Job-share is available and we will guarantee an interview for any disabled candidate who meets our selection criteria.
He HE He!
Regular visitors to the pavement outside Finsbury Park Mosque,need not apply!! :lol:
Big Kahoona said:
But on a serious note, if Abu Hamza doesn't wipe his arse, he must have some impressive cling-ons down there. Must be like having conkers hanging from your hoop. No wonder he used to preach out in the street! :D
Send for James T Kirk, he's pretty good at wiping out Kling-ons. :D

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