New South Downs National Park

Mr_Deputy said:
Nice. The National Trust are a brilliant organisation. Mainly effective because they are free of the meddling government. If this was a government project this land would probably be bought by the French or Germans by now.
This is a government project!. The National Parks are a sort of arms length management body set up under Natural England (What used to be the Countryside Agency)which is answerable to Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) (which used to be the old MAFF (Ministry for Agriculture Fisheries and Food).

You, the taxpayer, own it!
er it its a goverment project same as the national park in the lakes.
land hasn't changed ownership just restricts development.
imho a good thing
Mr_Deputy said:
well ok but I still think National Trust are very good. They must've had a hand in this. I suspect they have got hold of some incriminating photos of Broon and Blunkett's blind dog in a hotel room and have used them as leverage.
Not quite. The National Parks were presented as a 'gift' to ex servicemen after world war 2. The South Downs one got sidelined for 60 years because of bickering over the boundaries.

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