New Sniper Record

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scouse_scribes, May 2, 2010.

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  1. Kin hell, I've been known to miss at 300m........... well quite a few but I do a lovely bridge :D
  2. Jesus, that is some shooting, I cant see that far now
  3. Kin good drills by that man. Two ragheads less to worry about.
  4. Very impressive!
  5. Mighty fine shooting there, good drills!
  6. Terrific shooting, but yet again PERSEC is down the Swanee: full name, rank, unit, county of origin and family details including age of daughter. Surely this can't be MoD policy?
  7. Outstanding. Simply outstanding.

    Well done mate!
  8. Good shoot, But as per democritus, wtf!
    Last time i was doing 'local boy' stories for the PWRR I was informed that no pics of snipers as they come under SF rules for persec.

    Certainly seems daft, esp as 'they' have long memories
  9. My reaction too when I saw the story. Not the first time this has happened either.
  10. Fantastic drills by the sniper. :D 8) :salut:

    Appalling PerSec by the journo's. 8O :evil:
  11. Without knowing how the story was presented to them, I am not sure if it is relevant to blame the journos.
  12. Mate, I'm niether a journo nor a serving soldier, and when Brains were being handed out I was in a different que. Getting extra portions of Big Ugly Bastard-ness. :oops:

    But even I can see that including the full name, location and family details of a soldier who has just killed two Taliban is Bad Idea.

    Journo's cut stories to fit all the time. Even if they were presented with all the personal details, they were under no obligation to print them. :roll:
  13. Werewolf, you are right about's queue! :)
  14. The prosecution rests, m'lud! :oops: :D