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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Biffta112, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Sorry but it's NOT a Smock!!.
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  2. worked with someone that had one, don't think there better than the issued one.
  3. The current issue one is great. Its light, windproof, the right colour, has nice furry DS Pockets, pit zips and a Compass pocket. Right now I think it is still the best possible smock available.
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  4. agreed.
  5. Ah.... so it should be tucked in, then?
  6. If you've got money burning a hole in your pocket, spend it on beer FFS!

    Non-issue smocks don't make you look ally, they make you look like someone who is stupid enough to waste money on something no better than the free one from the man at Q&Ms.
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  7. I disagree, both of mine had the flimsey netting stuff ripped apart by keys and pens, so they can't be used within a week. It being most of us are more likely to be carrying car keys and pens on a daily basis, rather than wading chest deep through rivers, I do wonder whether the netting stuff will last long.

    That and the big velcro things on the sleeves that catch on everything - why, what are they for? I'd rather just rip the velcro off and get the badges sewn on and not have to worry about them again.

    I reckon the C95 smock was more robust - I find puting my smock on at the end of the day is like trying to climb through a spiders web with all that velcro and netting getting tangled together!
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  8. I personally think that combat jackets/smocks are a cold war relic. They aren't waterproof, they aren't warm, they are bulky and heavy, they are no good under Osprey, have a redundant hood - mine is just baggage out here in Afghanistan. I use a lightweight MTP sharkskin softshell that is warm enough, keeps the snow and the rain off and fits easily under Osprey. You can put it on in seconds, it has minmal velcro, doesn't need drawstrings or a belt over it. Best $60 I've spent on something that doesn't go down...your throat.

    Don't get me started on the velcro badge patches and blanking plates. Surely the purpose is to put velcro on the badges and stick them on the female square - not sew them on the blanking plate - clue's in the name?!!!! The blanking plate should then be used in tactical situations to cover the badgeless patch to prevent snagging.


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  9. It's a funny thing uniform, it tends to draw many opinions, I have very little experience of MTP other than the stuff my lad has picked up through cadets. It seems very well made for what it is and well thought out. I have noticed that it is showing signs of wear which was a surprise. I do not know how long MTP is designed to last, but before the old style heavy NATO Green and later on DPM smocks and Combat jackets etc are denigrated too much, it would be worth remembering that they were designed to last under the most extreme conditions Europe had to offer. Which range from tropical heat to frozen tundra at certain times of the year. The "big one" against ze Ruski's was expected to be a drawn out affair similar to the last world war and as such pretty much all uniform was designed to survive for that long. One of my own DPM combat jackets survives to this day as my gardening coat (it ******* reeks) I would imagine that today's soldier faced with 12 months in a trench with stretched supply lines would welcome some of the old warm, bulky, heavy, hard-wearing gear.
  10. Oh Bernster did you swallow that BAOR holding the line clap trap? You would have been sun dried and crispy under the tracks of 3rdSA's advancing BMPs before you'd even opened a tin of babies heads!


  11. I think we can get a bit dewy eyed about kit from the past lots of it was complete bollocks

    Crap socks
    those green quilted liner things that didn't bend
    steel helmets
    DMS that just covered your ankles
    58 pattern "large" packs FFS!

    But our smocks were epic!
  12. To be fair I agree with you on the Velcro. You stick to everything. Walking down a joint HQ I think I change Regiments and Services at least 4 times - By DZ Flashes sticking to somebody else and I ended up walking out of a room being a Pardre in the Royal Army Chaplains Department. But disagree with you on the Mesh. Mesh is light, mesh doesn't soak up water. Stick your car keys and phone in your daysack in one of these...

    Military Water-Tight and Waterproof Olive Green Storage Box

    Or this...

    Witz Camo Surfsafe Dry Case

    As for Smocks having their day. Depends. Yes if you've got Body Armour with pouches you'll use that - e.g. Afghanistan. But for something in confined spaces like FIBUA I'd rather jam magazines and grenades in every smock pocket going and clear a building unencumbered by any webbing or daysacks whatsoever.
  13. Is it bullet proof? I'd want it to be at that price!
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