New Smock?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by crazyeyes, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. On a recent trip to Chicksands I noticed a few of the phase 2's walking round in issue smocks but the arms on them had big velcro patches on them like the under armor stuff.

    Are smocks coming with the patches on now? Or is this just a case of a few Phase 2s trying to look ally?
  2. You should have done one of them over and had one away....
  3. I doubt theres a new issued smock, aren't we all getting an entirely new pattern kit anyway?
  4. PECOC pattern trials DPM as here:

  5. I mentioned this in a MTP thread a while back, it's the latest version, if not the last of temperate DPM smocks.
  6. The new multicam is in therete now, issued to troops deploying to Helmand.
  7. Nahhhhh..its just some mongs in NBC kit ;)
  8. Yes the new smock does have velcro.
  9. brill! that'll help catching sheep then! lol :)
  10. Is therete in Poland?
  11. Today a pouch! Tomorrow a submarine hatch!!! Do up your pouches that man!!! lol
  12. Of course the funding for badges with velcro will have to come out of the wearers pocket..... 8O
  13. Will the use of velcro finally end the ball-ache of stitching flashes and TRFs on? Or will some comedian dictate that all TRFs and flashes are to be worn on the other (non-velcroed) sleeve?

    And what's that lid he's wearing?
  14. The Velcro is on both sleeves, a prototype mk7?
  15. You will probably still have to sew the Velcro to the back of the TRF's and the flashes.