New Sleeping System

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 372spalt, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. For Gear Spotter or any of the other resident experts, does anyone know if there is any plan for a new sleeping system? I saw a couple of trials versions a few years ago, but nothing appears to have come of it.
  2. We did receie some new sleeping systems a while back that included a compression sck with end and side compression straps unlike the bomb version, will get more details on Monday if required!
  3. There are plans to replace the existing bomb with a 3-season bag for temperate use and a 1-season bag for hot weather use that can then be zipped in to give you 4-season capability if needed. Mid-2012 would be earliest anticipated ISD.
  4. Sounds a bit like the US system, in which the bags are poppered together - the resulting combined bag is suprisingly compact, and very toasty!

    Both bags also popper into the gortex bivvi bag, which is side-zipping (like the sleeping bags). As a result, I found it was much easier and quicker to get into (and out of) your bag at night. The only disadvantage to a side-zip bag is that it makes it next to useless as a stuff sack for river crossings.