New Sleeping Bag Recommendations

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by narc, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Had a search but couldn't find much so apologies if this has been done before.

    Looking for a decent 4 seasons sleeping bag to replace the issue one. Must be black or olive. My main priority with it is that it is as small as possible, or rather it can be folded up as small as possible. Really want it to be taking up as little room in the bergan as possible.

  2. 4 seasons, Black....then i would go for the current US Army/USMC one but as soon as i saw your comment on size then that puts that out. A load of us got some from the Americans in Afghanistan this year...brilliant and we all consigned the UK one into a MFO box. Comes with a summer & temp bag and Goretex bag all together.
  3. If cash isn't a particular problem (and I appreciate it is for nearly everybody at the moment), you might want to have a look at the Buffalo "Sleeping System". It uses their pertex / fleece insulation rather than down or hollowfibre.
  4. SnugPak as well do all sorts and are v good, I had a buffalo sleeping system many, many, many years ago, it was almost too warm, IIRC it rolled up to about the same size as the current bomb however it was two bags.
  5. Snugpak Elite series - always a good compromise between warmth and packed size. I have got an Elite 3 and a fleece liner, a combination in which I have never been cold.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Softy 10 and a poncho liner has done me, or a mountain equipment TDS sleep walker (Who comes up with these names!!!). Both are very good, although the zips on the softy can be difficult sometimes.
  7. I've had one for nearly twenty years (Scottish winters were not a good place for the current sleeping system's predecessor) - it's great, but it's bulky and heavier than a hollowfibre. Like the Buffalo shirt/trousers, it can get wet but still keep you warm. If you do get one, pay the extra and get the armzips, they are incredibly useful and worth every penny.
  8. Thanks for advice!
  9. talking about blacks.. The local one to me, Hanley started a facebook group up..

    Welcome to Facebook
    Hanley Blacks

    they show whats on sale or offer.. AND offer a discount.
    Lydia's the best one to speak to.
    They actually have an instore sale on at the moment, with some good bargains on bits and bobs..
  10. The patrol bag by itself compresses to a tiny size, although I grant you the full system is huge. But personally I'd only be using the black bag and bivvy bag in all but the coldest weather.

    Does the USMC issue a MARPAT bivvy bag for it then?
  11. I've tried a few different sleeping bags but in the end have gone for a Softie Elite 3... unimaginative I know but they really are very good. Have got a down bag to take on ops though.
  12. The current US three-part bag is not for the tall.
  13. I'm looking for something which I can use for hiking and biving in my own time as well as something that doubles up for exercise use. I'm now down to a snugpak, an Elite 3, Softie 10, 12 or 15, but I need to see them before I make the call. On ex pack size isn't an issue but is when I'm out hiking in my own time, rather than being woken up every hour by some mong who's lost his watch, forgotten the stag rota or both or better yet, "there's someone over there waiting to come in, what should I do?"

    First issue doss bag I had compressed and washed to within in an inch of it's life, froze my knackers off in it. Second issue doss bag was in fantastic condition, shame it was two sizes to small and from head to foot didn't come up to my nose, Norgie, Softie Jacket goretex and watch cap I just about survived the next exercise. I don't know how the third one performs as the last exercise I didn't get the chance to get in it.