New Site - To do's, wants and problems

Obviously there is a lot to do to make it feel like home. Some of the things on the cards are:

  • Last 50 list
  • ARRSEPedia to get updated look and header links corrected
  • Completion of user group / rank set up. 3RTR, Longdon bar etc still not done.
  • Return of the ranks for donors - you helped pay for this so you should at least get some recognition!
  • More recent posts on front page
  • Import of watched forums / topics.
  • Track down a couple of hidden forums that shouldn't be - eg. Junior ranks
  • Copy across the missing smilies
More major and for attention after the initial pain is over:

  • We now have no gallery and it may be some months before we get this.
  • No Google maps
  • No Jokes
  • No Quotes
Please give it a day or so before flagging up small problems. It'll be firefighting only until Wednesday.
Works eventually...

(am I first !!!???!! I'm like a small child first in the queue! Now you'll be telling me the server load is my fault... :( )
The good old vbulletin upgrade..... i'm a member on other vbulletin sites who have had similar upgrade issues, including the loss of the membership database and being unable to import old posts! Admin here have done well to get this far!
Not a big poster, but had to chip in and say a big well done, looking good


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looking good so far, well done
Unable to load avatar either?
Avatar still there in profile but just not showing. A small niggle which is to be expected this early in the new arrse
Unable to send PM's at the mo?


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No avatars?
Lots of posts duplicated/triplicated?
Looks good though.

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