Please do not post anything that you would not say in mixed company. Offending posts will be deleted, offending posters tagged or booted.

1. Do not attack people because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality.

2. Do not post anything that is operationally or personally sensitive if it isn't already in the public domain.

3. Do not post pornography (gash shots, scat etc etc) or links to pornographic websites.

4. The Mods reserve the right to remove anything else they don't like as well.

5. Do not harass or 'stalk' other members either on the open site or by PM.

6. Bans and O2 taggings are the likely result of violating the rules, particularly if we don't like you.

7. If you have any complaints about the content of the Arrse Naafi or Arrse generally, contact the forum moderators or the site admins.
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