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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by carfraec, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi, if you look below you can see a bit about the charity although most about the forum


    i have a new site called

    About us.
    The aim of this forum is for Military enthusiasts and serving members of the military to discuss about current and historical military issues. This is a website where ones posting of his/her “own view” is encouraged. Topics largely discussed and talked about are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many members of the website are ex- and serving members of the Military – this means that the knowledge and information is usually accurate and vast. There is a lot of Photo and Video posting from popular websites such as Youtube and Google video, also much unseen footage from members own personal archives is posted. The website has one of the most

    We do not mind saying that this is one of the most advanced and well made forums on the internet. To start with each member has his/her own Personal Photo/Video albums. There is also a very good news site that is updated daily with the latest military news from Iraq and Afghanistan – the website holds many contacts from these warzones that provide detailed and up-to date information on top of that from well recognized News services.

    The forum is staffed by highly experienced moderators and administrators that check regularly for violations in the rules. All moderators and Administrators hold the right to edit posts and kick members. However this does not mean that “big brother is watching you” and freedom of speech is encouraged.

    We all hope you enjoy the forums and contribute or just take in the information.

    I hope you find it interesting and want to join :)

    We also have a sister site devoted to helping familys and friends of serving personell, we also offer support to the soldiers themselves.
  2. link doesn't sem to be working - maybe is spelt wrong? should it be britishtroops?
  3. So much and such a poorly typed link................we can but dream
  4. So what, exactly, makes it different from ARRSE?