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So very pretty, not sure if I like it though. However everything does seem to be working fine for me.

Looks very swish and modern like JPA!


Very, very nice. Its shiny. Lets see how long it'll be before I break it.
Probably an improved layout once one gets used to it being spread out more, but I must say that I thought the previous layout did what it said on the tin very comfortably.

Must congratulate you on all the work you keep putting in.


Can we have the top 10 recent posts, rated thread and top thread contributer section back pls?

I know it was removed recently as MoDs thought it wasn't getting used, or at least have the 'option' available in the users profile or on homepage

Many thanks


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Unless it's something to do with the server issues, the four main panels on the left of the main page don't seem to work via an Android phone.

No different in Tapatalk as you'd expect.
Looks good on DII(F) :thumright:
Can we still swear '****'

Just checking!


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I like it. It's light and airy in time for Spring. I'm sure the Iron Duke will be along to suggest scatter cushions in a range of pastel colours soon.

It does resize some of the avatars - A-Y used to be long and thin, now he's shorter and rounder :)

And the 'Reply with quote' thing has always been rubbish on this computer; I'll check it on a better one later.
Who did the '1978 Austin Maxi turd brown' paint job?
Can we change the colours? Too light and airy/fairy for me... I like dark and brooding :)


I've got the 3/4 page thing going on too...tres annoying

What she said.

Oh, and the "Reply with Quote" thing takes ages.

Typed from my bedroom on my crappy lappy as I eat cream cakes and crisps whilst the kitchen is painted.
Checked in the following:

Mac OS X 10.3.9 on FF: - Browser Struggles with data output on home page.
Navigation works fine - didn't log in.

Mac OS X 10.3.9 on Safari: 1.3.2 - Style Doesn't render. But still accessible.

Basically, if it works on that old kit you are pretty much covered.


Mac OS X 10.6.7 on FF: 3.6.16.... very nice. Big **** off 27" monitor... at full stretch... very nice layout. Future proof for a while.

Mac OS X 10.6.7 on Chrome 10.0.648.151 - Same as.

Mac OS X 10.6.7 on Safari 5.0.4. Same as... home page latest posts layout quirky... guessing you are playing with it. Just stay out of the slurry.

Mac OS X 10.6.7 on Opera 11.01. Left col navigation / centre horizontal col little high - by about 150 px, slightly overlapping main nav - home page only. Drop down menu ok though. Forums ok.


Not checked iPhone yet

Over all. Looks pukka on big monitor. Pretty much future proof. Like the nice clean shiny look.

Probably looks like a boiling turd on a PC.

Good job.
Get the beer in.


Sorry Dads, but you've gone all left to right again.

It plays with us old people's brains.

I only know this because I spent 6 months in the Edumacation Centre in the Falklands. Can you do a bit of swishing please?
Yeah, it's none too bad although longer user names seems to spread over into the text on the post window.
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