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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by taylor, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been dabbling in photoshop, and was wondering if people would like me to do them some sigs.

    Here is an example I have done (for the marines - and yes I realise its not really a website for marines)


    If you would like one, do post up your details - Rank, First Initial, Surname, detachment/unit, Service (TA/Army, Marines, Navy etc etc)
  2. Yeah, okay, do you want my bank details as well?
  3. god no, thats just rediculous, i thought it might be a nice idea is all. sorry if it offended you!
  4. HaHaHAHa, christ on a bike, why not just ask for their bank details while you're at it FFS!

    Security is not a dirty word you muppet!
  5. in that case, my apologies, admin / moderator please bin the thread.
  6. Taylor, nice idea mate, maybe better to do it via civvy e-mail or PM.
  7. that works :) I didnt realise that I made a tit of myself about the details bit - so my apologies for that!
  8. As Devilish said, PERSEC, not a dirty word :D
  9. Some of you people are persec mad.

    Only give as many details as you are comfortable with if you think this compromises you...... or how about a nickname........ or God forbid your username.
  10. There are reasons behind this, PM me for an explanation if you feel the need Jacob, (and no, not the obvious ones).