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figured this was the right place to make a first post.

so hi, I'm Rob, Robn, Harry, whatever, been called all of them. I'm 23 from Kent have have just recently applied to join the fantastic institution that is the Army. I'm pretty dead set on Signals since that's where my skills lie so thought I'd say hi and all that.

any advice for me the Recruit Selection/Basic training? Taaa very much
You didn't say what your skill sets were, the corps has a vast amount of different trade skills, IS Engr AS Operator, Technician, Driver… to name but a few. It seems computers are the name of the game now-a-days. If I can offer one bit of advice... take on board what Slopey-Shoulders said and you won't go far wrong...
ahhh well, mainly jiggering around with hardware and networks so maybe ISEng or SystemsEngTech. got my BARB on thursday. I intend to keep my head up, eyes open, mouth shut
You missed keeping your feet firmly on the ground... heres a bit of insider information. Very soon the IS Engr and Sys Eng Tech trades will merge. This is the vision of the SOinC and it's going to happen and sooner rather than later.
Perhaps just one more bit of advice. Get your personal fitness up to a good standard before you actually start your basic training it will be a big help for a number of different reasons all of which should be fairly self explanatory.

The Army prides its self on its sporting prowess and achievements, if you’re good at a sport it will help you get noticed and remembered once confidential reports are written, (a CR is an annual report written by your boss about your overall performance throughout the year) if you’ve represented your Troop, Squadron, Regiment or Corps then these points mentioned in your CR can and do make a difference, but please don’t assume if your good at sport you’ll breeze your way through the ranks you also need to be at the very top of your game in your chosen trade.

If you are good at sport, any sport try and excel at it, I'm not saying that all sporting Billy’s have an easy or easier time but from experience I'd rather be playing sport for the corps, regiment or squadron than litter picking on a windy Wednesday afternoon.
well i go to the gym 2 or so times a week for like 1hr30 trying to cover all bases and I walk most places and jog/run pretty often, thing i'm 'worried' about the most is the press-up/sit ups. but since I've no idea when my basic will actually start, i should be fine when it eventually comes around. ta for all the advice everyone

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