New sick trend for the Neds

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brettarider, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Sick little tw@t'sjust were will they draw the line a deer today and a preson tomorrow?
  2. bastar ds! it is thought people do indeed as you say brett start with animals and go on to human beings :(
  3. Dirty scum should be rounded up and given a taste of their own medicine!
  4. Neds is a generalisation, some Jocks could take offence.
  5. Why? I'm a Jock this little pricks rightly live upto and exceed the derogatory term it implies utter utter scum I wonder what other "things" they do for kicks
  6. Hang on a minute. Running a lurcher is a skill. Stalking a deer with an air rifle is a skill. These guys are exhibiting natural hunter gatherer instincts. Philosophically, I cannot differentiate between what these people are doing in Glasgow and what landowners get up to not an hour´s drive away from Glasgow. If you find hunting to be morally abhorant (which I don´t), then feel free to rant about this. In practical terms, the Neds don´t kill for the pot because there really isn´t much room to hang and butcher venison in a highrise flat. But let´s face it, does anyone hunt for the pot - I mean for survival, and can this really be used as an excuse to justify any particular field sport? They would probably use a more humane high powered rifle instead of an air rifle if they could get the certificate. Hunting with dogs is illegal, but who gives a stuff about that.

    My point is that these people are doing what comes naturally to most normal healthy adult males. They just don´t do it wearing tweed and they´re probably not the sort of people you´d want to go for a quiet drink with. But I would brand them scum.

  7. That's a grand don't moonlight as a spin doctor do you?
  8. Jorrocks you beat me to it.

    But these kids in a wax jacket and flat cap and they would be the landed gentry and nobody would bat an eyelid.

    Maybe its a youth training scheme for them to become gamekeepers and ghillies in the future, or maybe they are just bloody bored kids.
  9. I got pretty bored during school holidays when I was a kid. I didnt have fancy electronic doodahs or playstations or a computer with internet.

    Didnt make me want to go around shooting things though. Whats next when the deer run out? Other kids? Old folks?

    Saying kids only do this because they are bored and there's nothing for them to do is just a pathetic fecking excuse. They could get a job..or god forbid..even study to better themselves.
  10. Shooting and kicking animals to death, or leaving them strung up on someone's washing line with cut throats, is what normal healthy adult males do naturally?

    I guess I've been surrounded by big gay homosexual pansies all my life, then... :roll:
  11. I guess you have.
  12. Is that a wah? If not you are talking utter drivel.
  13. It´s not a wah. I´m just trying to see through the style of reporting. Take out details about washing lines and how the coup de grace is administered and it´s just a story about field sports. Fish and game is often finished off with a blow or blows to the head with a blunt instrument.
  14. It's utter drivel because what self respecting ned / chav doesn't have access to, at least, a .22?

    Could this be a new level of sub-chavs emerging?
  15. Yep, a single blow that would kill the thing out right not getting a shoeing from a reebok classic for an hour. Hunting in the wild means that the animal is in it's natural sroundings not chaced down some back street then barrarged with shots that are intended to do nothing more than hurt it. Quick comparison as I see it:

    Hunting - Tracking/stalking of an animal that is then killed as quickly as possiable then the meat is put to use.

    This attack - A stray dear was set apon because it was in the wrong place at the wrong time, hunting and alowed to be tormented by dogs and pelted with shots and then villiently beat to death of a drawn out period.

    These attacks are not a new accurance and seems to be the new chav/ned culture to be as mean as possiable to defencless animals or even people

    Clicky about a sheep