New sharpshooter rifle firing and various other equipment

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by London_native, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. The shotgun doesn't look too impressive considering what's on the market. Why not an AA-12?
  2. You're really living up to your user name with that one.
  3. Probably, yeah. Seriously though, why not? Forum search doesn't turn up much commentary.
  4. Chicken Ticka Masala made in Denmark !

    Rifle looks good and Para Sgt was well spoken on the shotgun.

  5. While the AA-12 is the wrong tool for the job, I'm not sure I would've gone with the Benelli either, the mossberg 930 is a better weapon if you want pipe fed (and I can understand why you would in the rapidly changing battlefield environment), as is the Remmington 1100. Either they really wanted that slightly collabsable stock or they got a good deal as it's what the US are using.
  6. The Benelli has no gas parts and will go a lot longer without cleaning.

    All semiautos shotguns are fragile and complicated to a degree (with the exception of the Russian AK-on-steroids box fed ones) and eliminating the gas system means that there is less to break and less to get dirty.

    By the way, practically all the civvy top practical shotgun guys use Benellis
  7. Just watched the video -- why on earth are they reaching over to cock it? I know that's the official drill for the L85, but really...
  8. Not this one. This Benelli has gas parts. Despite that it is tough as old boots. The design of the gas system (called ARGO I believe) is a key factor in its reliability.
  9. Certain schools of tactical shotgun use maintain that you should maintain the ability to fire at all times, so topping off and cocking are all done with the left hand
  10. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    My grandad and his Dad fought and won two World Wars with weapons 'controlled' with the left hand and cocked with the right.

    About a hundred years later (in the late 60s/early 70s) a couple of spazzes had NDs with the Sterling SMG - a wepon that had been a decade in service, preceded by its infinitely more dangerous daddy, the 10-shilling gas-pipe STEN.

    And the SASC did declare it lethal to cock the SMG with the hand that God placed on the same side as the cocking handle. (like Arabs being forbid to eat dates with the wrong hand . . .)

    THEN !! In 1980-something The Lord Of Procurement gave us an assault weapon not much longer than an SMG

    SO!! Obviously - the Shite And Shovel Corpse opted to treat this device as though it had a fixed firing pin, and a direct blowback mechanism like an SMG

    Since that day, it has been a hanging offence to use the right hand to cock a weapon of any description. Does that answer your question?

    I just love the cabbageheads . . . :roll:
  11. One of the first N. D.'s in NI was a trooper shooting his Officer in a car search Aug/Sept 69, called accidental discharge back then.
    They where on opposite sides of motor.
    Trooper leans in and SMG 'cocking handle' catches on door post. Trooper moves and bolt fly's forward and discharges round.
    Memory says Patrol commander shot though one kidney.

  12. She'd get it