New sharia row over Chancellors plans for Islamic bonds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RancidFat, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. RancidFat

    RancidFat Crow

    Is this a good idea ?
  2. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    What has Shakira got to do with this?
  3. alib

    alib LE

    As the Prince Bandar incident illustrates the Saudis clearly own us body and soul I can't get aerated about trying to attract more of their surplus cash to Britain. Ironic that a major cause of their vastly increased wealth lately has been DC decision to invade Iraq after a bunch of Saudi nationals attacked NYC.

    The Sukuk may actually be insufficiently islamic according to the FT.

    Others are eying this trillion dollar market as well according to Bloomberg:
  4. alib

    alib LE

    Well her name means thankful in Arabic and she is part Lebanese:
  5. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    I am definitely thankful for Shakira and she can give me an Islamic bond any day she wants
  6. She's also a top bit of totty!
  7. Yellow_Devil

    Yellow_Devil War Hero

    This is a storm in a teacup. HMG announced that they were looking into issuing sukuk instruments last year - it's a way of accessing finance from oil wealth in the Gulf. The City is pushing hard to become one of the global centres, if not the global centre, for Islamic finance. This is not because we're kowtowing to political correctness or multiculturalism - it's because we want their money.

    The bigger story is why Gordon Brown got our national finances into such a parlous state in the first place ...but that's another story...

    PS. Shakira - half Lebanese, half Columbian, now that's a good combination! :)
  8. alib

    alib LE

    And a Catholic Schoolgirl!!!
  9. And because we produce nothing we are dependant on money.

    labour. :evil:
  10. Got to win a vote or two, here or there. If you are in as much shite as 'Captain' Darling -thanks to his immediate predecessor at the Treasury - anything will do - provided it has the agreement and support of 'Mr Bean', the psychologically flawed one, the Control Freak, the Originator, thanks to his adherence of ancient soviet style socialist policies, 'The Bottler' who, without fail, buggers it up again

    How long have we to put up with this oaf?

    He is an unelected and seemingly unaccountable clown who is apparently hell bent on destroying this country.
  11. shagnasty

    shagnasty War Hero

    So.....kill him Actually it's fairly easy to do. Unlike Soviet or American leaders he is any easy target.........following this post.....probably not as easy as before but a determined ex army squad could do it. Think on that Gordon!!!
  12. Islamic bonds are slightly more expensive than the obligations of the West, mainly because they require extensive legal and religious advice.The main beneficiaries are lawyers, banks and multinationals called religious scholars retained as consultants to certify Islami City re-engineering of financial products.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

  14. Holy thread revival batman. Did the bit about the Chancellor, Alastair Darling, not give you a clue to the date?
  15. doc80905

    doc80905 War Hero

    Perhaps the poster is a New Labour supporter in denial, misty eyed for 'the good old days'.