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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by imedic, May 5, 2013.

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  1. In the market for a new set of webbing and was looking at the different retailers/manufacturers. I'll put what I've got here so far and if anyone knows of any I've missed out please pipe up. I've read the ARRSE review page and had a look through the forums though most of the posts I've found seem to be quite old and things may have changed.

    What I'm looking for: Belt webbing to replace my current issue PLCE stuff. The issued kit has been good but I like the idea of having a sewn set that doesn't bounce around as much and is more comfortable. Ideally it would also have the option of changing magazine for link pouches if roles get changed and would be compatible with some sort of dump pouch.

    Places I've been looking:

    Troopers of Colchester: Good kit with lots of custom options and many positive reviews.

    Dragon: I've heard mixed reviews but it looks like fairly decent stuff. Ranges from reasonable to holy crap prices (£349.99 for webbing?!)

    Vanguard: Looks like well made kit, reasonable prices from most stockists.

    JayJays of Brecon: Gucci custom kit bit more expensive, apparently the mutts nuts.

    Dixies Corner: Custom kit, reasonable prices unless you want fancy extras then gets expensive.

    G1098: Nice kit, mid range prices.

    1157 Tactical: Mid range prices, good kit and a positive review.

    Anyone I've missed? Recommendations?

  2. I bought my DPM and now my MTP rig (yes they make them in MTP/Multi-Cam) from Troopers, highly reccomend them. Jay Jays has excellent build quality but having owned a tailored belt kit from both I now go for Troopers due to the better pouch quality. If you get your rig from Troopers I'd also suggest the Troopers Yoke they do, it's a hybrid of an underarmour yoke and the standard PLCE design that sits as a happy medium.
  3. Also to add my Troopers set has 3 utility pouches permanently stitched onto the belt/padding, then MOLLE bits where your L and R ammo go so I can switch out pouches depending on weapon system carried - it also has a dump pouch rolled up under where your Left ammo pouches sit.
  4. Ahh cheers for that. I'll update the list accordingly. What's the gen with Boris?
  5. Troopers of Colchester mate, did a custom set for me cause I didn't need two double Ammo pouches. Done its job so fair, looks fair tidy and no problems so far (5 month). Good advise from the staff there too.

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  6. Go for Jay Jays, my DPM set did two tours of iraq and one of afghan and never let me down, I got the Multicam Molle set, its expensive but worth the money if you are using it all of the time.
  7. 1157 Tactical will do custom as well just ask
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  8. Not sure if the quality has deteriorated with them recently, blokes on PCD had their kit falling apart in Cyrus after just 7 weeks in the field whereas those who had Dixies Corner were much better off.
  9. As an aside anyone had or know of anyone who has experience with this new type of webbing from Dragon:

    Seems like an interesting concept ie. less movement in pouches, eliminates the sewn webbing problem of one pouch failing and the whole lot being buggered as well as fitting a bit more kit that a molle rig.

    The downside is that the pouches are proprietary and if they stopped making them for whatever reason you'd be shit of out luck for replacements. And it's incredibly expensive.
  10. Thats a hell of a lot of waffle ! still not fully aware of the innovation shown in the pics,not to mention the extra weight by the looks of it ,judging buy the price is a labour intensive process making those pouches hence the price tag so i doubt it will catch on as the "next generation "
  11. I have a bit of a fetish for webbing. I'm a molly man myself due to the flexibility. I would say for a starter or a cadet set at an alright price then I'd go for g1098, Boris stuff is fantastic I've had 2 of his belts and 2 of his yokes and have just ordered a full set for my rsm, but it takes him a while to make, I've also had some stuff from British tactical and was impressed with them. 1157 tactical is good, I mate of mine has got the belt with the 3 pouches sewn on an he says it's fantastic but a little pricey for me. My advice is to think about what you carry/want to carry and then do some research.