New service to BAFF members - free legal advice helpline

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by hackle, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. This free advice service is now available to all British Armed Forces Federation members - serving or 'ex'.

    Outline below. Understandably, the full detail is for members only.

    This new service is in addition to the no-fee Personal Injury Claims service already available to all BAFF members.

    Douglas Young (BAFF)
    BAFF Legal Helpline (for non employment issues)

    BAFF members benefit from another exclusive legal service - the BAFF Legal Helpline.

    From time to time there are occasions when we are all unsure of our legal rights or how best to solve a dispute or problem. At this point, a small amount of legal advice can often resolve a troubling issue or at least explain what to expect or do next. The BAFF Legal Helpline is for these times.

    Should you or your family have a legal concern, our experienced and sympathetic Legal Assistance Team will be able to guide you through what is often thought of as a legal maze. A few minutes talking to them may put your problem to rest or they may advise you to consider taking further legal action; either way you can be assured that someone else is on your side.

    Issues the BAFF Legal Helpline can assist you with include:
    * Problems with faulty products
    * Matters arising from a Will or wanting to write a Will
    * Family or matrimonial/ partner queries
    * Other disputes

    The helpline will only cover matters governed by UK law; and will not cover employment related issues.

    For the Legal Helpline simply call free on 0800 xxxxxx and talk to one of our legal specialists.
  2. Great to hear Doug on the Today programme. sue Magreggor hardly had to say a word to make the Minister present himself as a typical politician. Nuff said.

    I would have loved to have heard what the producer was saying in her earpiece.

    Any road up: I appreciate that people are busy and have lives outside Arrse, BAFF and Grays Lane. I was wondering if the CO's and Hackle might be prepared to consider re-opening the BAFF closed forum here on Arrse as an interim measure?

    I may not be the only one who has been waiting some time for access to the BAFF forum and would like to be able to contribute on some topics.
    I don't have shed loads of time on my hands, but feel that a user forum would allow me to provide more support from afar.


  3. Seen and understood. Apologies. My missus is amongst those irate BAFF members who have been awaiting access, but progress is being made I understand. One result will be to give appointed members access to the website jiggery pokery, so as to take some of the pressure off our hardworking webmaster. Clearly the website workload is about to increase.

    BAFF members who have not already obtained a username and password should email the webmaster as shown here.

    BAFF members who got a username and password, but have mislaid it, will need to get a new password generated. Email the webmaster as above.

    BAFF members who have obtained a username and password, but have been unable to access, please PM me and I will send you the webmaster's wise words. Clearing inbox for incoming... ;)

    One other point is that due to current upgrading, BAFF site(s) may occasionally be offline or unstable, although they are normally very stable.

    Scuse any web mongness in my effort to explain, but I hope that helps.

    Thanks for nice words about this morning's programme.