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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by shortarms, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. I believe the new pistol to replace the Browning L9A1 is to be the Glock 17 Gen 4, I believe that the Glock beat the Sig in the trials but am not surprised that it won as i'm sure the Glock is about a third of the price?It seems strange that we have everything to do with the Sig in place now i.e. AESPs, spares and the fact that most people have used it on ops, why bring in a totaly new pistol?Sent from Dii so it will be fucked up.
  2. Interesting news, where did you hear it? Can't go wrong with Glock though, they are excellent pistols (once you get used to the trigger).
  3. Whatever comes in the Navy will still happily ND with it...
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  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Glocks are designed to be monkey proof, so the fish heads should get by....
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  5. I bloody well hope they are going to retrofit new sight. The factory ones are utterlly appalling.
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  6. The Sig 226 is pretty much monkey proof but......
  7. I was told this at IBS over a year ago, apparently the MoD wanted a safety catch, which the Glock has but the Sig lacks.
  8. Sig doesn't need a saftey catch as the de-cocking lever does the job, meaning you can have a round chambered but still have a full trigger pull to fire it.
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  9. Who cares, they're both good, both do the job, both have solid reps... but we're ******* skint and appantly the Glock is cheaper apparently
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  10. Surely, they should be getting the Browning re-conditioned to life extend it beyond 2020 with an initial cost of £20 per system but a through life cost of £2000 per system with the afore-mentioned maintenace and publicity that surrounds an excellent MS moment?
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  11. I remember this being in the news about 5 years back, and it all going quiet as the Sig was issues in ever increasing quantities. Seems a waste of money as most guys are now familiar with the Sig and its a great
    Combat pistol, the Glock in my opinion being more of a policemans pistol.
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  12. Why not just ask Mr. Obama for a few thousand Beretta M9s under a Lend-Lease program?
  13. What's wrong with the Browning? Been around since 1935 in one form or another. I always found it excellent. Good mag cap, easy strip down. Fits in the hand well.... Ho hum.
  14. From a very good source. It was tested with tritium sights fitted which was recommended, but we shall see what the penny pinchers will decide. Maybe we should just stick to the tried and tested Sig. :)
  15. How many squaddies are proficient with a pistol?
    how often is one used?
    does it matter what one you've got.
    it's been said a pistol is like a sword...It's only use is to give it to the enemy as a token of surrender.
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