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New Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SuperTrooper, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. There are new laws about to be brought in so any of you dodgy geezers out there need to behave. :D

    The new bill will give police the power to seize your car if it is not insured or not correctly registered with DVLA, so if you pop back from BFG after a nice posting make sure you are sorted with your paperwork and you have valid uk insurance:

    Clauses 129 to 131 introduce a new offence of using an incorrectly registered vehicle and confer powers on the police to require the production of vehicle registration documents and to seize vehicles driven without insurance. Clauses 132 and 133 enable payments to be made to police authorities in relation to the enforcement of certain traffic offences; such payments would be funded from revenue from fixed penalty notices.

    There are quite a few other interesting bits but one of relevance to MOD is the following:

    Part 4 strengthens the protection afforded by the criminal and civil law against acts of harassment, incitement to religious hatred, trespass on sites of national importance and disruptive behaviour in the vicinity of Parliament.

    I think all MOD site could be deemed of national importance. Stop the press snapping Harry at Sandhurst

    The full details can be found on the HMSO web site or the Home Office one.
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Part 4 strengthens the protection afforded by the criminal and civil law against acts of harassment, incitement to religious hatred, trespass on sites of national importance and disruptive behaviour in the vicinity of Parliament.

    Now let's look at what a control freak Government can make of this.

    "Sites of National importance."

    When will they use the serious crime laws against a few barking mad druids during the summer solstice because Stonehenge is a site of national importance?

    This clause will also allow them to arrest and imprison environmental protesters, after all, the Newbury bypass could be described as of "national importance"

    Disruptive behaviour in the vicinity of parliament would ban legitimate protest outside parliament.

    Come on, these are the people who let the metropolitan police use the terrorism act to arrest and detain protesters at a trade fair in London two years ago. Just sit back and watch another raft of rights go out of the window care of Comrade Blair, praise be to him.
  3. Just another piece in the Orwellian jigsaw.

    Of course, these laws are never going to be used against the "law abiding members of the public"

    Damn' right they aren't, as the new law will make whatever they are doing that breaks the new law illegal - ergo they are no longer "law abiding members of the public."

    It's a funny old World :? :roll:
  4. I suspect it won't work like that. This is a genuinely serious problem for police, from issues as relatively mundane such as traffic accident reporting through to dodgy minicabs that prey on lone women all the way up to serious/ organised crime and terrorism. The fine for failing to register is already £1000 and when I was in uniform it was probably the only traffic offence I'd routinely report people for.

    If people were more scrupulous when they sold their cars and sent off the log book it would be a start, but they don't. I suspect that seizure of vehicles will be a last resort measure for either repeat offenders or perhaps where the vehicle has been involved in an offence.

    Meanwhile, at the morning staff meeting at The Guardian....

    We won that one on appeal. It was the anniversary of 9/11. There was a big arms fair on with military from all over the world in attendance and many of the soap-dodgers were deliberately provocative. Yes, there was some misunderstanding regarding a very new piece of legislation that hadn't been used before but your hyperbole doesn't really do credit to the complexities of the day. So we get criticized when Batman & Robin get through and we get criticized when the soap-dodgers don't? Was ever thus, I suppose.

    This Government is like every other (remember that fabulous piece of legislative genius, the Dangerous Dogs Act?) inasmuch as that when faced by a problem they always want more law, not better or more elegant enforcement. It is very difficult to keep up with it, as well as doing your day job. ASBOs, Control Orders, Sexual Offences Act 2003, new PACE codes, Human Rights Act. Tony's brave new world just means more "distance learning" (homework) for the likes of me.