New Series 3 Lightweight.


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I’d always thought that too, so I looked it up. Its designation is ”Truck, Utility, 1/2Ton, 4x4 Rover Series III”. Earlier ones I suppose were IIA.

There must have been some seriously weedy helicopters when the requirement was raised, because even a full-size 110 and trailer fits with room to spare in a Herc. Early piston-engined Wessexes, I suppose.
There was room to fit a tank as well. They used to use a 110 to push a tank* out of a Herc if the tank engine failed.

* Tank. = big green tracked thing with a box on the top with a big gun within the box.
(I’m ex crab, not a daily mail reporter).

Doors are helpful for keeping the seats in the vehicle when cornering

It's a AIR PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT FIGHTING PLATFORM, should be carrying loads of ammo, fuel, water and food etc, plus 4 X HAIRY ARRSED SQUADDIES, TOOLED UP FOR A FIGHT.

Some unit's and the RAF had it EASY.
Isn't it more properly referred to as an 'air portable' rather than a lightweight?
Yerse. Half a century ago I seem to remember there was a "Heavy Drop" Mob based around Hullavington, they were practising dropping Air portables. Scrap Landies all over the gaff...
My series 2a has a 200tdi.

For the upgrade to work properly and not eat parts of the drive train, you ideally need beefier diffs from a Range Rover, overdrive, and freewheeling hubs.

With regards to sound proofing I’ve lined the engine side of the bulkhead, gearbox tunnel and under the bonnet with stick on soundproofing dynamat type stuff.

The UJ door cards are actually door mats made out of quite thick carpet. They also help to deaden rattles and vibrations.

It’s still loud but definitely makes it a bit more bearable.


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Proper that is.
Air portable Land Rover and greasy ausfahrt cobbles on the 482 Minden Aqueduct exit, and the underside of a Bedford MK. The fact that we all walked away was a miracle.

(The fact that we were 50km away from where we should have been, visiting bars instead of vigilantly guarding the empty ammo site we had been dicked for is beside the point.)
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