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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flash MacTavish, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. do you not get a medal just for passing basic training in the us of a?
  2. I have a former USMC marine, left in December as a Cpl, on my sparky course. The reason they give thm medals must be to keep the interest up because he showed me the payscales and they are shite compared to BritMil. As a Techy Cpl with a 12 month tech training course under the belt that would have put him at least in the old A trade possibly T trade scales in the UK he was earning around $25,000 a year which is around 15K Quids. I googled up the UK payscales to show him and he could not believe how well paid UK troops are in comparison and the fact that we get banded for trades blew his mind.

    They do not get banded for different trades within the marines, a marine is a marine, is a marine as far as pay is concerned. He told me that most of the blokes that fall into trade training, like him, rather than the infantry role leave as soon as their obligatory time is up so that they can go earn some real wages rather than the handout uncle sam gives them.

    So pass out the medals and keep the men interested Gunny.
  3. @Effendi. True, US pay scales are poor in direct comparison with UK ones, but do take into consideration state and federal taxation (and exemption from), housing allowances and the lower cost of living in CONUS and the cousins are not so terribly badly off.
  4. The USMC have a bewildering variety of trades i.e. MOS's: List of United States Marine Corps MOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  6. Can I be a Morale specialist? Please someone tell me what that entails!

    Edited to add - No, No, I've changed my mind, I want to be a Instrument repair technician! Then I can take the piss out of the Marine that plays the Guitar (Can you actually believe that is a role, the guitar playing one)!
  7. Wiki is your friend... Morale, Welfare and Recreation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. I like this bit from the other website...pprune wotsit...


    [TD="class: alt2"] so is it time for an award that recognizes a event that doesn't involve personal risk? [/TD]

    We have such an event fortnightly on a Thursday in our mob, it's called payday.


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  9. No. You do get a ribbon if you're in the Army, but that's all.

    Army mule carving.jpg
  10. Actually the creation of an award for drone pilots sitting well back behind the lines is not a bad thing, I think it is much more acceptable than giving them the same medals as those who are actually on the ground. There was much grumbling early on where officer drone jockeys were getting DFC's, Silver Stars & Bronze Stars for sitting back home 'playing a video game' with no chance of personal danger other than perhaps falling out of the seat.

    I think that significant contributions from behind the data lines that produce results should be awarded, just not in the same manner as actual 'boots on the ground.' Quite justifiable to avoid the dilution of the prestige of existing valor awards.
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  11. Look at the order of precedence, it sits higher than a Bronze Star!

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