New Septic Designer Drug

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by browny31310, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. 'Poop gas drug' prompts official warning
    Thursday November 8, 2007
    By ninemsn staff

    A drug made from human faeces and urine has caused a stink on the internet and prompted US authorities to issue warnings about the high the "drug" produces.

    Recently released bulletins from the Collier County Sherrif's office in Tampa, Florida warned of America's new drug threat — "jenkem" — which is made by fermenting human faeces and urine and breathing in the gases produced, FOX News reports.

    "We wouldn't classify it as a drug so much because it's faeces and urine," said Garrison Courtney, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Washington, D.C.

    "You've pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel if you're experimenting with this."

    The confidential memo — meant "for officer safety and awareness" — found its way onto the internet where it was posted on The Smoking Gun, an online collation of crime documents.

    Web users were quick to dismiss the memo's claims after photographs were posted of a jenkem user by a man who later revealed he faked the pictures with flour, beer, water and Nutella.

    "I never inhaled any poop gas and got high off it," he said.

    "I have deleted the pictures, hopefully no weirdo saved them to his computer.

    "I just don't want people to ever recognize me as the kid who huffed poop gas."

    And while it may not be necessarily illegal, Courtney said: "It falls into the probables."

    "It's part of that experimental thing that people could possibly do to try to get some type of euphoric effect.

    ”Why they would want to do this would be beyond us.", a website that dispels and confirms myths and hoaxes, currently has the jenkem story filed as "undetermined".

    Various newspapers have reported use of jenkem in Lusaka, Zambia since the late '90s.

    A spokeswoman for the Collier Count Sherrif's office said the report came from their office "just to share, see what's out there" after a parent e-mailed the department.

    No incidents of jenkem use have been reported in the county, she said.

    All I can say is ONLY IN AMERICA
  2. What do you mean 'Only in America'?

    Have you never been into a blokes lav at the end of a Mess function and taken a deep breath, then felt your head flying through the ceiling? Never been in a thunderbox in summer and come out feeling light-headed? Christ, squaddies do this all the time!
  3. Would an Aussie, Kiwi or Pom own up to doing it?
  4. It sounds like they would be inhaling methane?

    If that is what they are after then cows are a much better source.

    Could be a problem when the spams "war on drugs" starts pouring agent orange all over the local farms and setting fire to the cows. :)