New senseless killing in Bosnia

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by KGB_resident, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I doubt. I don't know about suicides among Serbs in such situation. Do you think that he feared comfortable jail in the Netherlands? Mr.Abazovic took part in the war, so he understood from the first minute that there was no escape. And if he really began the fire then of course he would order his wife and son to lay down on the floor.

    There was an obvious solution: to surround the place and to send local policmen to arrest the fugitive. Unlikely he would fire in this situation. But in this case the operation would not look as act of heroism. So probably, EU-forces simply stormed the house without any warning and shooting in all directions.

    It was a police operation that was performed as a military one.

    But why the jeeps were sent so close to the place? If you whant to keep an operation in secret then it would be a stupid idea to expose cars with EUFOR marks close to the place. And who namely made the jeeps 'bullet-riddled'? The balaclavas leave huge space for suggestions.
  2. Sergey, it's all very well saying that this should have been a local police lead operation, but experience has taught us that to relly upon local troops to carry out these sorts of operations is just asking for trouble. Most of the the time some of the local troops have connections to the actual people being arrested.

    Happens all over the world, the local police are informed and within hours the suspect has mysteriously disappeared.

    As for it being a tragic death, well he was a war criminal and knew that someday he would hear that knock knock on his door. Once less nasty guy for us to subsidise in a comfy jail cell in the hague.
  3. ^^^ Here here.
  4. Hi!

    As to unreliability of local police then it is a good point. But if the place is surrounded by EU-forces then it is irrelevant.

    Obviously the operation was poorly planned. Why the jeeps were moved close to the house?


    But why not before?

    Out of theme. Have read Boris's article in Telegraph

    I like his style

    Looks like an invitation especially taken into account that

  5. Otlichnik

    The reports I have read on the incident indicate that the operation was conducted by the Italian caribinieri. I do believe that they are a paramilitary police force having both Civil and Paramilitary responsibilities.

    I am sure you have asked similar questions at home regarding military involvement in the apprehension of terrorists at the 2002 Palace of Culture Siege in Moscow and the Beslan School massacre?
  6. Senseless killings? Two wrongs don't make a right and I regret the death of his wife, but part of the EUFOR mission is to assist ICTY in the apprehension of these people, many of whom are living happily (albeit with one eye over their shoulder) with the nod of local politicos and former military colleagues. Let's face it, the only people who are really sorry are the lawyers "Damn! Another $500 an hour job down the tubes".....
    Dragomir Abazovic was wanted for War Crimes (committed in Rogatica). Talk to the relatives of those he was responsible for dispatching, if you want to discuss senseless killings.
  7. Dear friends!

    Thank you for your comments. However, I don't see any objections to my main point: professional level of the operation was very low.
  8. At least the EUFOR troops didn't surrender.... talking of which, who gave them the mandate to carry out operations?
  9. Sergey, I wonder if you would be so concerned if the persons killed had been Croats or Bosnian Muslims? I tend to be of the opinion that Russia's often uncritical support for the Serbs - for no better reason than that they were fellow Orthodox Slavs - helped to give them the impression that they could get away with these massacres in the first place.
  10. Nailed. Squarely.

    They got the right guy at least, never mind the ....ahem..."Unorthodox" outcome - we weren't there, mind - so in classic Sun/BBC/Sky/CNN et al speak:

    "It's too early to speculate. but let's do it anyway" (cue to fat retired (sacked?) ex mil "expert" with an axe to grind and a book to plug) and so on und so weiter.
  11. Why was it low sergey?

    They got their man, and through his actions, his wife was killed.

    He should have surrenderd...
  12. Just as well she's not a Brazillian illegal immigrant, the EUFOR guys would be in serious trouble!
  13. I'm with Sergey on this one, paramilitary coppers don't usually lift PIFWICs.
    In fact, before EUFOR took over, arrests were nothing to do with coppers of any hue.

    And again, if you look at the lifts done since 1996, a rather large proportion of the guys
    being lifted are Serbs. And don't give me all that bowlarks about the Federation self-policing;
    the Croats only gave up their man to get into the EU.
  14. The only reason the Serbs thought they could get away with it was UNPROFORs total failure to do anything about it,
    and the lack of political will to empower UNPROFOR to take the necessary action. BTW, it also allowed the Bosnians and Croats
    to think the same thing.

    Of course, once the Americans realised they could start building bases a bit closer to Russia and the Middle East, all that changed.
  15. They are only "senseless" if you aren't a Bosnian. It is facile to add "big boys games, big boys rules" but sadly that is the way of it if you are too macho and chauvinist (in the correct philosophical sense of the word) for a new Europe and a new Bosnia.