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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. I have developed a new method of self pleasure which I feel duty bound to share with the masses, it hit me last night and I've been messing with it since.

    My laptop screen is bust so Ive got the desktop set up in the dining room floor (no table moveing house etc) and I'm sat on a couch leaning forward using mouse & keyboard etc.... last night as I sat back to stretch a new and fantastic supernova exploded in my shorts... I had pins and needles in my helmet.

    My god it was fantastic, with the trout asleep on the couch next door, I freed the wand, making sure I hadn't strarved him of blood for too long before grrabbing the cnut and pumping it.......

    Since then Ive been experimenting and by self inflicting pins and needles I can make myself shoot and go through the same 'after climax pain bordering on pleasure' sensation as you do when you shoot in your chicks mouth.

    Needless tosay the Frau and the nipper are going out today and I am staying here with nothing more than a bag of dirty thoughts and the prospect of penile pins and needles to keep me entertained.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Try starving your head of blood for about 10 hours. That will give all of us a massive "cum" :twisted: 8)

    p.s. - Thank fcuk the NAAFI Bar is getting back to normal
  3. MDN,Keep this one in mind, whilst pulling pain & pleasure pain & pleasure

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  4. I'm going to trial it, if it's not as good as you say MDN, then I am going to send Johnson Long Cock around to tickle your hoop.
  5. I'm sure you'll find it as satifying as I did..... I'm trying to work out a method of getting the same numb sensation in both hands and my bot hole and helmet all at once, then I'm going to leap in the shower and try and have an orgasm that will induce a stroke.

    W'nking, its big and its clever and its dead good as fcuk!!!
  6. I feel I should comment,

    Sex is ok, but it will never replace the real thing!

    try using plasticuffs on your old fella,,,,old fella!

    the quick release ones are best i prefer the danger of using my letherman to hack at the plastic before my tatty watta spitta goes gangorous.

  7. C'monnnnn, 'fess had to flog it all to pay for the "educational" sites your a member of, either that or your on the run....again! :oops:

    You cant hide from "him" 8)

    Eagle1 will find you.............

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  8. Perhaps to heighten the pleasure,
    Once the helmet is sufficiently moistened, one could place the end of a nine volt battery onto ones japseye.

    Oooo electryfying :D
  9. If you have problems getting pins and needles in your helmet. a shag with any of these two will ensure you do. get down the GU Clinic, and the nice nurses and doctors will make you helmet look like a pin cusion gone through a cheese grater.

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