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If you're interested in joining the British Army, these are the steps you need to take:

Research: Look at the Army website where you can access a vast quantity of information about all aspects of the Army.

Step1: Register interest online at

Or go to at Kiosk in Army Careers Centre if you do not have access
to a computer.

You will receive an activation code via your e mail address within 48 hours, please note this link will expire after this time and you will need to request a new activation code.

Step 2: Complete your application online using the link we sent you to your e mail address.

Step 3: The Recruiting Response Team will check completeness of your online application and basic eligibility.

Step 4: The Recruiting Response Team will issue you online Medical forms via e mail to complete and return. (Medical Admin Team will monitor this)

Step 5: Medical Admin Team will review your Medical form and determine your eligibility.

Step 6: The Recruiting Response Team will issue online tests via e mail, Numerical, verbal reasoning & Psychometric

Step 7:
You will be allocated a (CSM) Candidate Support Manager based on region, Candidate type and job choice. (If you pass the tests)

Step 8: Recruiting Response Team will book a structured interview at a time and date suitable to you in Local Army Careers Centre, they will check Height & Weight, Check all your identification and Educational certificates.

Step 9: Your Candidate Support Manager will create a nurturing plan with you(Insight Course, WEX, PRE Assessment)

Step10: You will be sent to an Assessment Centre where you will do Document Check, Medical, Psychometric tests, physical tests, other activities and interview
(You will be informed within 48 Hours if you passed)

Step11: Further assessment if required
(All INT Corps, All QARANC, RLC Ammo Tech, RE Geographic Technician, All Musicians, All Army Medical Services jobs (less CMT), Paras, RAVC Dog Handlers.

Step12: Medical Admin Team Request GP Report

Step13: Load to Training Team provisional book training place

Step 14: Pre Employment Checks Team , carry out CRB, Security Checks, Refrences, & financial checks

Step 15: CSM Final offer confirmed training place and joining instructions issued.
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