New season of Top Gear

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by viceroy, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Now on BBC2.........
  2. You mean its on right now?
  3. YES! Love the maroda, i want one. No more hassles driving around j'burg.
  4. Right now? Are you sure?
  5. Well you could of said BEFORE it started!

    Now I'll need to watch it on the fucking iPlayer.
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  6. Top Gear have clearly had a significant budget increase..yay
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  7. Ungrateful feckers! I posted as soon as I saw it was on. Great so far, blowing stuff with C4 and what not.
  8. since we're announceing things, I just had a bag of cheese and onion crisps, they were nice
  9. What brand?
  10. Snack walt.
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  11. walkers and now I want another bag but they were the last bag and the icecream mans been round so I'll need to put shoes o and go to the shops

    see viceroy you bastard now I have to out because you told us top gear was on
  12. Twitter
    Piers Morgan has a wee whine.
  13. Twat (him, not you). Booties in the audience?
  14. What an utter cunt. Does he even know that most of ARRSE owe him more than just a smack?
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  15. I'd love to see Clarkson kick piers all over the tarmac shit in his still twitching corpse mouth then fuck what ever slag morgans been chasing this week

    well not actully see them shag just disapear thru a door with her, I dont want to see clarksons cock
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