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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dogmonkey, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. I know that the bomb is tops for warmth, but it is pretty bulky.

    Softy 9 has been the scratcher of choice for some time, but are there any other bags out there which come recommended?

    Word on the street is that the Nanok is pretty up there.

    Grateful for any helpful advice.
  2. Hi Mate,
    Just hang on in there, I was asked to trial the new doss bag two months ago along with 59 other blokes in the Battalion. It is really good. Almost exactly the same as a Softie 9 but comes with a liner, lightweight bag, medium weight bag (you attach these two together to make the arctic bag) a boot section that you tie into the bottom so you can get in with minging boots on and it doesn't trash the bag and two stuff sacks so that you can carry around whichever sections that you require.

    Obviously I have no idea when this will be brought into service but every single bloke gave it a glowing review so hopefully fingers crossed that it will be soon!!!


  3. Got them in afghanistan, great kit. Don't get them too big though as anything not touching your body gets cold.
  4. Which means we'll never see them in the trial form as cost cutting will remove at least half of the filling.
  5. Tomo,

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I believe that my ARRSE will have frozen by the time they are on general issue. But I would agree that kit is improving daily (apart from boots that is.....)

  6. Remember doing trials on a doss bag back in 1985 in COP, nobody had a good word for it but it was soon in production.

  7. Just purchased a softie 10 for £85 quid. Not had the chance to use it but it is slightly bulkier than a softie 9
  8. Anything i've got with 'softie' in the title works, We got issued 'softie' jackets for iraq a cuple of years ago, I think the powers that be hopefully listen to the feed back from the lads on the ground who have try'd and tested the kit. We got issued jungle gonk bags and softie jkts work that fcuker out.

    Sounds like the new gonk bag seems good. It was well tested eh Tommo,In fact you had to peel him out of his lol :thumright:
  9. Sounds good but will it still have the mesh pocket on the inside for Old Crusty (The Faithful w@nk sock) to lurk in when not on duty. :thumleft: