New scoring system for F1????

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by box-of-frogs, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Will Michael Phelps be entering.
    Usual bollocks from bonkers Bernie, at least no ads now it is back on BBC.
  2. Load of bollox as usual from the poisoned dwarf.

    With his system, the best overall driver won't necessarily win the championship.

    A chap who comes second in every race will not win to a driver who wins two races but fails to finish every other race. Load of fcuking shite.

    Eccleston claims it would encourage overtaking. He obviously didn't watch any race this year then because on the whole, it was quite entertaining. Not many races were just dominated by one or two drivers. Quite a few actually had a broad spectrum of chaps leading races at some point during most GPs.

    The bloke is an idiot (a very, very wealthy one) and really needs to take his input to a sport more deserving. F1 has started to return to being interesting and fairly exciting again. His meddling (and the Nazi loving Mosely) in the past has done harm to the sport and coming up with this bollox plan will further damage it or at the very least, undo the work done over the past couple of years.

    The way to encourage overtaking is to make the fcuking tracks wider.
  3. I am uncertain but if it does actually mean more overtaking (actual racing) then I am for it. However (as the article points out), this would mean the smaller teams effectively not being in the competition.
  4. Good point.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I think the move to enable more overtaking is a good one with the aerodynamic changes coming in.

    This medal idea is plain stupid. Do they then have a secondary system for the constructor points? Still needs to be done so that the spoils can be split up between the teams.
  6. Exactly. A major sponsorship draw for the smaller teams is air time and their position on the points table. If it was just about three gongs at the end of it, it effectively leaves the whole season as a 3 horse race with the remainder of the teams not having that all important PR push of telling their sponsors how many points they have (even one point is important to a team and its sponsor). I believe the idea is to just have the medals for drivers but keep the points system for the teams. This still wont address the above points because sponsors prefer the idea of 'their driver' being on a points pecking order.
  7. Just read this bit from the article'

    So there we have it. If the medal system was in force this year, Massa would have won because he was given the extra race win at Spa when the Ferrari International Assistance dropped Hamilton to third for acting like a race driver.

    Yet again we see Eccleston trying to rewrite the rules to favour Ferrari...potentially.

    The reason why the current scoring system was introduced was to ensure the championship wasn't decided too early on. Look at the past few seasons. The championship has gone right down to the last race in 4 out of the past 6 seasons. Keeps it exciting and keeps it interesting throughout the year. With the medal system, the championship could potentially be wrapped up halfway through the season. Result being loss of interest, loss of revenue and it then reverts back to how it was pre-2003; dull as fuck.

    Eccleston is suggesting that drivers are using tactical decisions based on their points thus meaning they dont bother their arses if they dont need the points. He suggests Hamilton did bother to win a couple of races because of this. I'd suggest that Hamilton aint that type of driver and he goes out to win on every occasion. The points system has demonstrated that a driver has to grab every point he can to succeed. The tactics are to accrue as many points as possible to come out top. He suggests that drivers are settling for second and third places just to grab points. He has obviously no idea what goes through a racing drivers mind or what motivates them. Winning is what it is about and dangling a tacky gold medal aint going to all of a sudden make them overtake.

    Maybe he should bring in the rule that whoever wins gets to nail his daughter? At the end of the season, they do a DNA test on all the sprogs she drops and the winner is deemed to be the one who has fathered the most.
  8. Can I suggest that perhaps the current system be retained for the drivers championships and the gold / silver / bronze bobbins be put in place for the constructors; therefore, a team would have the desire to get through first and second with a balanced score created for constructors?
  9. they should go back too the old scoring

    1st 10pts
    2nd 6pts
    3rd 4pts
    4th 3pts
    5th 2pts
    6th 1pt
  10. I would like to see every driver who finishes a race receive points.

    e.g. If 16 drivers finish. Last place = 1 point, First Place = 16 pts.

    Same for the constructors. you receive more points depending on the total amount of cars crossing the finish line.

    This could make it more exciting for the lesser teams as they would still be competing for points instead of getting a big fat zero !
  11. I'm right in thinking that big Slavica is no longer attending to his "needs"? His mind is probably disordered.

    The terrible thing about F1 is that all the yank racing in much cruder kit is far more interesting. An American CHAMP car series is better racing, even if a 1970's F1 car might beat them round a tricky circuit. I don't think you could make F1 interesting and keep the focus on technolohy and development. It's one or the other. Points won't make a difference.
  12. Bit impractical. Imagine Mclarens in 1st and 2nd. One or both Ferrari's go out due to crashes or whatever. Ferrari then tell a minor team that they have a stake in to withdraw their cars because they don't want mclaren to get too many points. I don't think i'm being cynical to think that it wouldn't happen!
  13. I think that changing the system could involve 3 points for 1st place, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. In this way EVERY race must be competed for if a driver wants to get any points at all, and should indeed make it more exciting.
    The constructors competition will remain unchanged.

    If you are really passionate you can go to
  14. Every time F1 technology is used, a couple of seasons later it gets binned.

    e.g. Turbos, Launch Control, Traction control, V12 & V10's. Even a 6 wheeler was used !

    Bring it all back. Ditch refuelling and all the silly rules on what sort of tyres can be used.

    Wings as wide as the car including the super fat Carlos Fandango's !

    Bring out the safety car for a bit of a run up when the competitors get too spread out.