New SatNav - Which one?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by fltpilot, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Need to get a new sat nav as mine decided to fail a bit in Central London last night.
    Have not done any map updates on it, the sound does not work well & it is 3.5 years old.
    Have been looking for one which includes western Europe, mainly France & possibly Spain.
    Some are offering free map updates which would be a bonus & dont really want to pay for them on a cheapish sat nav.
    Have been looking online & at pcworld and mostly at tom tom but would look at others as work has garmins.
    Going to be used mainly for work in UK & for leisure in France.

    Price range upto £150

    So what to go for?
  2. I bought a TomTom 825 Live in the UK about 3 weeks ago. It was intended for use in France and Switzerland, and on occasions other mainland Europe countries.What a pile of shite - home address not on it; office address not on it; house that I am moving to in the nest month - not on it.The best I have had for Europe is Navigon. Unfortunately they have been bought by Garmin, but one can still pick up their devices, and their maps will be for sale for a while (3D City views - nice).
  3. Got an iphone? 6 month ago I got the Tomtom app for iphone 4. Its been brill and when in france last year you know it often tells you on your mobile you're 'now in Telefonica Franca' or whatever, mine asked me as well, if I wanted an update for my Tomtom for another £5! I didn't think that was bad and it worked a treat....
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  4. Why bother with a stand alone? Any smartphone now generally has a navigation app of some sort.
  5. Dont have a smartphone!
    Want a satnav!
  6. I replaced my Garmin with a Tom Tom Go Live 1005 last year and it is brill. I have had no problems with it however I have only used it in the UK so far.
  7. In that case the Medion ones that Aldi sell on occasion are pretty good, from what I hear. (at least those they flog in the Vaterland at any rate, your mileage may vary)
  8. do you own an Apple or Android Smartphone?

    If so TomTom are doing their full SatNav system with Lifetime Map Upgrades (for the life of the device) for a limited time only at a massively reduced price - about £25 (UK and Ireland) or £35 (Europe) until the end of this month only.

    I was dubious but took the plunge amd must say it's fantastic and even better than my Tomtom as the Local Search uses the phones 3G to find anything and it comes with HD Traffic and Speed Camera's for a year i believe.

    the interface is every bit as good if not better than an actual TomTom and you do NOT need a data signal for it to work - it even operates in 'flight mode' offline and has over 3Gb of mapping.

    try it - you won't be disappointed.


    Navigation for Android - Car navigation - TomTom


    Navigation app for iPhone/iPad - Navigation for iPhone/iPad - TomTom

    FREE Lifetime Maps Promo:
  9. If you have a smartphone with gps, I would suggest NAVFREE. It is IMHO better then a tom tom (I tested both tomtom and NAVFREE together) and is free.
  10. Can you lot read?
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  11. Sod that, with NAVFREE and Tomom and a load of other apps, you download the maps before you go, so no data costs. Although thats irrelevant as he hasn't got a smartphone.
  12. I've had a Garmin nuvi 1490 for a while now and I'm content with it: a decent screen (5"), good graphics as long as you keep it simple and Eurozone was free. The only issue I have with it is the updates, which are a bit lumpy and it does'nt take long to max out the 3.6GB fixed memory: still, SD cards are cheap.
  13. I have CoPilot om my 'doid, however for international travel (mainly to the US) I cache Google Maps to the device, so before I go I'll drop whatever city I'm visiting into the cache and that way I don't get nobbled for roaming data charges.