New SAS walt for you walthunters to chew on

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by fooboy, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. What do you think? Go on fetch.
    Denver Cradock

    I am a former paratrooper and Special Air Service soldier with a few tales to tell about my time in the mob. Some things I can and others I cant tell, well not unless the lights are out. I have spent that last 11 years as a Security Management Adviser in many hostile environments worldwide and I now specialise in small arms tack-ticks for Army cadets at Birmingham main ACF
  2. The account looks a few hours old. Is this a poor attempt at a troll?
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  3. Shit windup!!
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  4. To the hole!!!
  5. Wait for it :)
  6. TurtleHead

    TurtleHead Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    If this is not a wind up then in my opinion it is dangerous, what exactly is the main army cadets in birmingham? i bet this bloke (if real) is the bloke i see in a supermarket by me who wears a black wooly hat, a black webtex style SAS smock, black rip-stop combats and pro-boots. He looks very cool
  7. You are looking in the mirrors again aren't you.
  8. 'I now specialise in small arms tack-ticks for Army cadets at Birmingham main ACF'

    tack-tick, Tic Tacs or does he mean Tactics??
  9. Stop biting you thick twats. It's a very obvious wind-up.
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  10. Not so sure , he`s got a lot of "Army" mate`s in his friends file , if its a wind up he`s gone to a huge amount of trouble.
  11. Off to buy some Popcorn!!!
  12. He's FB "friends" with at least 2 arrsers (and Tropper).
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Who is Tropper?