New SAS romeo Walt I reckon

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Escapee, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. I've been sent a pic by a FBook aquaintance, he's a more than a bit concerned about this fierce looking SAS chap taking advantage of a female family friend, who's apparently under the spell of this super soldier and I've been asked if this man is really not an SAS member. Just where do you start? The list could go on and on

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  2. If he's not a walt I'll eat his beret
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  3. Shit excuse for a WAH now fuck off.
  4. thats fooking quality
  5. Prison tatts, and dodgy uniform in a young girl's bedroom. Where are the other trophy shots?
  6. i like his queen calander
  7. Thanks, not sure what that is exactly but here's a bit of activity from Tall dark Ian the SAS super beret wearer.

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  8. The teddybear towel (bottom right)and the Freddy Mercury calender are a dead give away, he is proper ally and i bet he is a member of red troop. If he wasnt the third man on the balcony Taso will eat his beret...

    What does taking advantage of that family friend constitute, scat, golden shower? Pictures?
  9. Apart from the wings seemimgly being sewn on at the wrong angle (Surely the regt tailor could do better) the 19 tramlines down the right sleeve, stupid prison tat's on left hand, horifficand badly shaped beret that would make an Air cadet laugh their socks off, I'm going with the Freddy Mercury photo in the background!

    P.s. If you are one of "Them", you do love the old Freddy and find that bit offensive, please feel free to come round my house and beat me up - At least I'll die laughing!
  10. He's genuine, she should shag him.

    But she should make a will first.
  11. is there a lady thats asking this gent the appropiate questions?
  12. Fixed that for you, no doubt he is one of them now, at least get your basics right!

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  13. samurai swords under the table if hes not SAS then hes definatly a ninja.
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  14. The queen calender is there to ensure the gringo tache is growing according to plan. Loving the paint job and assorted pics, pure class, always wanted to know what the inside of the boat house looked like!

    My pup has curled out craps better shaped than his lid.
  15. Table? I thought it was a tank full of pirana. You know, food for 'em.
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