New RY Cap Badge

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by benjaminw1, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. In my Old Fogey Spotter mode I noticed in the Torygraph that a reception has been held for the "new" capbadge.

    Any links to pics and/or reasons for this?

  2. First I have heard of such a reception. But then, why tell me?

    At least I had heard about the capbadge!

    Could you please provide chapter and verse from the Torygraph?
  3. Well, it's always nice to be in the loop.

    The new cap badge is being foisted on the RY because the last colonel, may he rot in his own excrement, decided that he would set the ball in motion in his last couple of months of his abysmal command. :evil:

    I have not met a single person who is in favour apart from a few officers who have spent their whole career skipping from one squadron to another.

    The regiment was formed in 1967 so, apart from Telic, we only have the Squadron identities and that is very much what we bind to. (as you might have noticed from my previous threads).

    Yet again, it is an example of those at the top not understanding what makes people stay in a unit.

    With their usual excellence in managment, the hierarchy have not shown the new cap badge officially to the ORs, certainly in our squadron.

    Can anyone tell me what the positive side of having a single cap badge is, especially when our regiment is geographically spread from Swindon to Leciester with very little crossposting, apart from it being a bit cheaper for the army to bulk buy them?
  4. WTF is that?? :evil:

    A b...dy RY cypher would have been better.

    I'm going to go off into a corner and sob now.

    edit to say, there was a pic of a badge there a minute ago!
  5. Court & Social (to which I turn to first, natch)

    November 3rd

    Princess Alexandra, Royal Honourary Colonel, The Royal Yeomanry, this evening attended a Reception at the Cavalry and Guaaards Club, 127 Picadilly, Londom W1, to commemorate the new Regimental Cap Badge"

    Pip pip
  6. a) He was defintely the worst one yet, and just in for his own self-aggrandisement, the new CO is a blast of fresh air.

    b) Unfortunately those offrs are typical within the RY and are very much 'yes men'.

    c) Have they ever understood us or given a sh*t what we thought.
  7. Was it here, did it break OPSEC !!

    Give us a description.

    Go on, go on go on go on, go on, go on, GO ON!
  8. Here it is again, so long as you promise not to tell anyone about it. You ain't seen me, right?

    Attached Files:

  9. Hmmmm!

  10. Dont worry, your secret is safe none of the 'Indians' in the RY have seen it either!!
  11. I'm not 100% sure that is the final version.
  12. I have not seen the Torygraph, so I cant comment on what has been displayed.

    However here is the rational behind the new cap badge.

    The Regt is likely to be awarded the Battle honour "Iraq" for the service provided by the majority of the members of the Regt from 2003 onwards.

    In order to display the battle honour we need an RY Guidon, and to have a Guidon you need a capbadge.

    We will retain our Sqn identities via Collar dogs and stable belts. The capbadge will be worn on berets only, so is restricted to the field only.

    I love my Squadron and am proud of our history over the last 211 years, but I am even prouder of what we the current members of the Regt have done since 2003. We have been a single Regt for 38 years, and it is time to start writing our own history.

    As far as being a "yes man, I belive that anyone who knows me would not agree".
  13. Right.

    I have now been informed by my sources.

    Our new cap badge is a crown on top of 2 interlocked 'A's. :?

    You at this point are probably thinking the same as me 'Are the RY turning into an 'Anti - Aircraft' battery or something.

    No, dear reader. Someone, presumably arrse licking in the hopes of getting something in the New Years honours list, has decided that because our Royal Hon Col is Princess Alexandra we should use her cypher!

    What f**k muppet came up with that idea??!!

    The whole point of a regiment is that it is timeless. I have nothing against Princess Alexandra, she seems a lovely lady when I’ve met her, but we ain’t her personal troops (unless they are thinking of changing the regimental name as well… :roll: ).

    In a few years time, she will sadly pass away, at which point do we switch our badge to match whoever takes over? Before her death the Queen Mother was our Royal Hon Col. In a few year’s time it will be someone else. We are honoured to have them carry out the role, but they aren’t the be all and end all of the regiment.

    Apparently it hasnt been approved by the army yet.

    Please take this plea, those on the army dress committee, if you are reading this. Don't make us wear this!!
  14. it looks like two interlocking croquet goals (hope that the terminology is right there!)